Call It What It Is

John Boehner wants to sue President Obama. Some would call it frivolous. I’d call it fun. Some would call it disingenuous. I’d call it deft. Some would call it political theatre. I’d agree.

This is what to expect from your hard-earned tax dollars: front row seating at “The Greatest Sham On Earth.”

How much is the purported lawsuit against President Obama going to cost taxpayers? aca_repeal_fraud (303x226)How much did it cost taxpayers to vote 54-times for repealing the Affordable Care Act? How much did it cost taxpayers for legal assistants, dry cleaning bills for robes and hemorrhoid cream for ramming through the Hobby Lobby Decision?

Some would call these empty gestures. I’d call them anal bleaching.

Speaking of dark stains, 82-people were shot and 14-killed in Chicago over the 4th of July Weekend. Some would call it a holiday weekend. I’d call it Hell.

guns_chicago_holiday_weekend_july_4 (303x167)More people were shot in Chicago than slaughtered in Gaza, just yesterday, as Israel finally removed the mask of mass genocide. Some would call for cooler heads to prevail. I’d call for Smallpox on blankets. Why not?

In Maryland, at the so-called National Institute of Health, they uncovered “Forgotten Vials of Smallpox.”

smallpox_nih_maryland_vials_found (259x303)Forgotten.


Of Smallpox.

Might as well use them on the Palestinians. Some would call it cruel. I’d call it precedent. Wiping out indigenous populations, while labeling them “subhuman,” is the fetish du jour of occupiers since time immemorial.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is simply filling the coffers for Israel Bonds, seeing as War Porn guarantees a cash windfall from Holy Land Loons – the tip of a bomb bears a striking resemblance to a circumcised penis.

Some would call it a rite of passage. I’d call it insecurity.

free_palestine_end_occupation (303x280)Me, I don’t care. I’ve checked-out. Me, I don’t expect better. I don’t expect anything. Me, I don’t feel anything, besides hungover. What scares me the most is the commitment to the details in the lie.

It could be the Torah. It could be the Bible. It could be the Constitution. It’s the details, the memorization, the commitment to reciting what’s written down instead of stepping back, and thinking for yourself. It’s the abdication of adulthood, Jewish Women in wigs, Muslim Women in burqas, White Men in flag pins. It’s the signal, the smallness of doing what you’re told, the self-imposed brainwashing of repeating and repeating and repeating, to yourself, over and over and over, to yourself, what’s written down, by dullards with quills, in a time no longer relevant, in a place which ceased to exist, yesterday.

Some call it God. I call it Madness.militant_silliness (303x215)

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18 Responses to Call It What It Is

  1. Mike says:

    Gregor, Gregor…

    I sadly shake my head at you.

    I ask, “How can anyone be surprised by scotus since they crowned Bush jr. the potus?”

    It was at that moment in my young life that I started to realize that the U.S. was to put it mildly a serious fraud.

    What’s more of a fraud is the belief that as individuals we can effect change. The country is too big, traditions are too established, patterns of leadership are too entrenched. I started believing this when I saw smart leaders sagely nodding over the intent of the meaning of hanging chads.

    There is hope though.

    I am thinking back to a college professor I had that a jokingly called Pravda Paul. In the midst of a brilliant lecture on the constitution he made the point that the document was open ended and he postulated that a third constitutional convention could be called at anytime to create a new government and country at anytime. He believed that before the conclusion of my lifetime that this would happen. However, Pravda Paul also believed his own writings were excellent. I can attest that having to read his textbooks in college that his writings were awful .So, maybe my point is moot.

    I cling to the hope though.

    In regards to Hobby Lobby and the decision. I have a few things to say. First let me state that I love contraception and have tried it on occasion. However, I have never asked anyone to pay for it on my behalf. Nor would I expect them to. And I consider myself more or less liberal! As a small business owner who has a great deal of useless and absurd taxes and fees heaped upon me from the city, state and federal level I am relieved that through a loophole I have been found not financially responsible for something else!

    Now there’s a blog for you Gregor. The overtaxation of small business and the insane fees and taxes that your business and mine are subject to!

    • Gregor says:

      Mikey, Mikey, I like paying taxes. It’s my civic duty. The higher my tax bill, the better I’m doing. I signed-up for these problems, since I was determined to see how things looked from the side of the paycheck when you’re the one signing, instead of expecting.

      As per the Hobby Lobby Decision, there’s plenty of money for IED’s, even more, there’s plenty of money for IUD’s. The ruling is moot, since it’s gender-specific, not gender-neutral. Take something equally important away from men, or STFU SCOTUS.

      As per Bush v. Gore, it’s the worst legal decision since Dred Scott v. Sandford. We’re currently occupied by criminals is robes. The Bush Library isn’t a library, it’s a crime scene, the artifacts aren’t artifacts, they’re evidence.

      As per hope, you don’t cling to hope, you spread hope precisely how you’re spreading hope, by participating in silliness.


      • Mikey Mikey.... says:

        C’mon Gregor…

        You don’t love paying taxes. You know some of the things as small businesses we are taxed on and you can’t but help chuckle at the ludicrousness of the taxes.

        You can’t possibly say you enjoy paying them. I suspect you are bemused by them as I am. Particularly when I see the taxes as the shameless money grab it usually is. Most of the money we pay are for services we never use. It’s sort of like the ubiquitous taxes heaped on tourists for travelling and renting a car or staying in a hotel.

        I do wonder about that awful scotus decision regarding the election. I do believe that the universe has a certain order to it. I guess I think that things happen the way they are supposed to happen. So I wonder…why was George W. thrust upon us? I think maybe that Gore would have somehow been worse. I’m not sure how. He’s light years smarter. Extremely articulate and politically adroit. In short, he’s the Obama South version. I wonder sometimes if the universe knew that Gore is the Anti-Christ or something?

        • Gregor says:

          Gore didn’t fight for it. He let everyone down and you could see it in his eyes for a long, long time.

          Dubya is a war criminal. So is Cheney. They need to be tried, they need to be held accountable, you can see it in their eyes, too.

          I do like paying taxes: I like my roads paved, toilets to flush, children educated.

          Most of all, I want a lot of fucking going on in the world. I’m pro fucking. I’m pro CONDOMS FOR ALL.

          Send me the bill. I’ll man-up. I’ll pay it with joy, Mikey Mikey.

    • Babs says:

      But you are responsible for Viagra!! And good for you that you would never ask to have your contraception paid for by someone else! There are so many hard working folks in this country of ours, folks who typically work not 1 but 2 jobs to make ends meet. It is certainly cheaper to pay for contraception than for conception!! I would say you have a narrow, male point of view!!

  2. Andy says:

    Greg is an honest liberal. There is a lot of Israel bashing on this blog and I’ve often accused Jewish liberals in America of being hypocritical when it comes to Israel (Vince). But there needs to be some honesty here Greg. A few weeks ago three 16 year old Israeli teens were doing what teens kids do just taking a walk and enjoying fresh air. They were kidnapped brutally beaten and murdered in cold blood by disgusting cowardly degenerate blood thirsty worthless hateful genocidal pieces of filth. Maybe you didn’t know that in which case I can understand the outrage at the Gaza attack. But if you did know about the kidnapping and war crime that was committed by the subhuman animals then you are vomiting up disgusting extreme left wing propaganda. Yes the occupation is terrible and you are brave for speaking up BUT YOU MUST PUT IT IN THE CONTEXT OF THREE 16 YEAR OLD CHILDREN THAT WERE SLAUGHTERED IN COLD BLOOD.
    My father fought in Vietnam and told me about the ferocity of the NVA and VC. We’d watch the news at night and Mom and Dad were pro Palestinian and liked Arafat. But whenever the PLO did a suicide bombing on a pizza cafe or shot up a a school he would scream at the TV “You see they don’t shoot at military installations because they shoot back”. He and my mom were seriously outraged when civilians were targeted as a tactic. Do the Palestinians have serious grievances against the Israel- you betcha. The U.N. Charter states you can resist occupation by any means BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THERE ARE NO RULES for people under occupation. Sometimes I wish post World War 2 Germany would have been forced to purchase a small chunk of western Australia and all Jewish people would’ve had their own state and lived happily ever after. But I live in the real world and Israel is a reality. If the Palestinians want to engage in guerrilla warfare attack military targets and shoot at soldiers. The Vietnamese took 40 to 1 losses. I visited the Vietnam War Memorial in D.C. and looked at all the names of the heroes that had made the ultimate sacrifice for there nation. 55,000 guys died and 250,000 wounded and many seriously disabled. The Vietnamese lost 3 million soldiers and God only knows how many wounded according to some estimates (the Vietnamese government won’t release their casualties statistics it’s still to this day a closely guarded secret) We trashed there country and it will take 100 years for them to recover. Every week 7000 Vietnamese were killed – that’s a little over 3 September 11ths every week. But they NEVER attacked American civilians at home and they had the capability to do so. And when we left they forgave us. They even let American soldiers who invaded their country visit their old battlefield sites, my God!!!! If someone invaded our country and annihilated our infrastructure killed our soldiers and it took us 15 years to beat them back I would fire nuclear weapons at every square inch of their country. My point is the Vietnamese in my opinion had 500 times more reason to attack Americans than the Palestinians do the Israelis. There is morality even for people under occupation. And don’t misuse the word genocide. Yes Gaza is fucked up. 80% of the people are on emergency UN food. There’s no employment and despair and hopelessness but it IS NOT A FUCKING GENOCIDE. Rwanda was a genocide. What the Turks did to Armenia was a genocide. The Holocaust was a genocide. When you misuse those words you cheapen true crimes against humanity.

  3. Andy says:

    Israeli extremists kill 16 year old in revenge killing and bury him alive.

  4. Andy says:

    What a cluster fuck.

  5. Vince says:

    If the Palestinians put down their guns, there would be peace. If the Israelis put down their guns, they would be dead.

    • Gregor says:

      Pithy quotes are for the insides of fortune cookies, not war room talking points. Life is complex, rare, holy. Land is little more than glorified dirt.

  6. Andy says:

    A quote from Bibi Netanyahu Vince. True dat.

  7. Vince says:

    LeBron left Miami and entered his manhood.

  8. Captain Vince says:

    Alert. Putin just shot down an airliner, with Americans on it, to spin in Obama’s face.

    That is how he fights.

  9. Captain Vince says:

    To spit in his face. Not spin. Damn auto corect

  10. Captain Vince says:

    The plane was shot down as Obama and Putin were talking on the phone. Putin requested the phone conversation to discuss Obamas sanctions just imposed. Very big sanctions. Putin gave his response.

  11. Captain Vince says:

    Obama must be smarter. Dealing with a bully it tricky.

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