Supreme Court v. Common Decency

8Andy texted, “It’s a pissed-off soldier. There’s no angle for gun confiscation. Tell the International Liberals to stand down.”

I texted back, “Shoot until you shoot everyone. I don’t care. Just stop covering mass shootings like it’s news. It’s not news. When you’re at the menu board of a drive-thru ordering a Whopper with cheese, and then you drive to the window, and there’s a Whopper with cheese waiting for you, is it news? No. fort_hood_2009That’s America. That’s what we do in America. Eat and shoot until you’re fat and dead. Praise God! Hold the pickles.”

BREAKING NEWS: the shooting at Fort Hood is NOT news.

If I have to watch another politician bow their head to offer thoughts and prayers, I’m going to barf. When I stop to think about all the wasted barf bags on board Flight MH370, the tragedy sinks in.

mh_370Sorry. I shouldn’t say “sink.”

A tragedy is an event which occurs despite a concerted effort to the contrary.

There has been no effort: Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Dark Knight Shooting, Gabby Giffords, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Fort Hood circa 2009, Fort Hood circa 2014.

The list goes on. But why bother?

We don’t care. If we cared, we’d do something. I don’t know what we’d do, since first and foremost, we’d have to talk about it. God forbid we talk about it.

map_gun_america_the_beautifulWe’re more afraid of words than bullets.

BREAKING NEWS: rights, like God, are man made.

More than a right, bearing arms is a responsibility. If you think pulling out a gun to settle a traffic infraction is a good idea, you can’t handle the responsibility. If you think walking into a Safeway packing heat is a good idea, you can’t handle the responsibility. If you think stashing a glock in your school locker is a good idea, you can’t handle the responsibility.

We’re not at war. We haven’t declared war. We haven’t listed our grievances. Who are we kidding? We can’t even spell grievances without spell check.

I can’t.

I don’t care about the intentions of our so-called Founding Fathers. I’m tired of debating the intentions of slave-owning misogynists. When the day finally comes for us to rise up against our government, as is foretold, mark these words: women_right_to_voteit’ll be the very day the NRA agrees it’s time for “gun confiscation.”

The NRA cares about making money, not liberty, or the right to defend liberty. They’re peddling fear, they’re peddling hate, the oldest commodity, older than scripture, older than cave drawings, older than the oldest profession.

BREAKING NEWS: the shooting at Fort Hood isn’t the lead story, in fact, the lead story is the Supreme Court pimping us out to the 1%.

It’s not Putin. It’s not Assad. It’s not Sayyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran. It’s not Kim Jong-un, the Supremely Spoiled Child of North Korea.

scotus_mccutcheonIt’s the Supreme Court of the United States: SCOTUS.

Another ruling for the history books came down today, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, cut from the same cloth as Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

And by cloth, I mean poopy diaper.

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15 Responses to Supreme Court v. Common Decency

  1. Vince says:

    The oligarcy governemnt has been here in the US for the past 10+ years; each year gaining more and more steam. This “pronouncement” by the Sup Ct. ties it all up into a nice, tight package with a pretty bow on top. The democracy has ended; the representative form of government (which many feel has been gone a long time already) we had, is gone.

    I think the next ten years will be really amazing to watch. Not amazing, as in great, but amazing, as in, OH MY FUCKING GOD – HOW DID WE LET IT GET LIKE THIS?

    The same thing is happening with the evironment. When the shit hits the faces and kids faces, we will say, “We were told it was happening, we were told to make changes….but but but.”

    Wait and see….one day….in the not too distant future….we will be paying more for water than gas. Oh, that is already here. Ok then, try this….one day….in the not too distant future ….. there will be a global water shortage! Oh, that’s here too. Shit.

    I’m tired of all this. Let the artiocrats appoint a king, take our shit, poison our food and water, pay us a non-living wage and leave us alone. Maybe, just maybe, there, in that place, we can rest. We can quiet the noise, talk again to each other and be happy.

    • Gregor says:

      I’m not ready to relinquish my role as a grown-up. I’m not satisfied. Sorry, Vince. You predict the future. I’m going to shape it.

      It’s time to hold the criminal bankers accountable with electric chairs. It’s time to purge the Supreme Court with term limits. It’s time to bring the Bush Administration before an International War Crimes Tribunal for turning torture into revenge porn.

      You think I’m kidding. But I’m kidding in the square.

      Just finished “Duty,” by Robert Gates. I’m in the first few chapters of “Flash Boys,” by Michael Lewis. You might think I’m simply into books. But I’m doing my homework, taking notes on history, in real time, so I know who to go after.

      If you think I’m kidding, all the better. Please, don’t take me seriously. Andrew Breitbart didn’t take me seriously. Look how that fear mongering criminal ended-up.

      That said, “VINCE FOR KING.”

    • Claudia says:

      I agree with Mr. Sunshine ( Vince).

      “We’re more afraid of words than bullets.” Greg this is very true people are more afraid of words than they are of bullets. Bullets are easy, people like easy. Especially bullies.

      I have a friend who thinks it’s his God given right to carry a conceal weapon. ( not Andy) My friend is an angry little man and I’m afraid that once he has that gun horrible things may happen.

      I have missed you writing! ;)

      • Gregor says:

        I didn’t want to say this, since it tends to take people out of the mood, but I’ve had a hard time writing, lately, with things seemingly in the realm of hocus pocus, instead of nitty gritty.

        What do I mean? Here’s what.

        The plane sunk, stop harping on it. Shootings are gonna happen, stop covering it. Let’s get back to work.

        For starters, the Supreme Court is broken. The court is holding back the country. We need term limits to protect the men and women who get there from going completely bonkers, like Scalia and Thomas.

        Lifetime job appointments turn grown men and women into perpetual children. Life is supposed to be about moving on. 9-years on the Supreme Court is more than enough.

        As for guns, and gun violence, and the paranoia of “gun confiscation,” I say let’s blow-off the debate entirely. Let’s shoot and kill until we grow out of it, or decide, fuck it, like deer, it’s merely another form of population control.

  2. Claudia says:

    I know what you mean but I like your writing. And I’m selfish like that.. :)

  3. Andy says:

    This system gave Vince every opportunity in the world. What could you possibly have to bitch about?

  4. Karen Luce says:

    I agree with you Greg. I hope the future can be shaped but I’m afraid the stage is set. So much depends on massive voter turnout to overwhelm gerrymandered districts and voter supression. It all comes down to how much people care and how much people believe that voting can make a difference. If November 2014 turns out the way conservatives hope it will have to be hardship upon hardship for the masses and maybe then America will wakeup. Are we a sleeping giant or as you point out a bunch of overfed lazies who’ve become impotent. If that’s so, it may be a long wait for an uprising with the magnitude needed to change the balance of power. I look at the very young and worry. Only sometimes do I see their innocence and find hope.

    I love the way you express yourself and the way you make me think. Thanks for that.

  5. vince says:

    I’m from rags to riches nigga I ain’t dumb
    I got 99 problems but a bitch named Andy, he ain’t one

  6. Andy says:

    Ill be civil for the weekend. Tell me Vince and be VERY SPECIFIC what needs to be changed in the USA. Pretend your president and have a rubber stamp Congress. Tell me what should the new America look like? No generalizations like at the coffee shop (stop the drones, save the environment).

  7. vince says:

    Easy peasy.
    End lobbying. It should be illegal for politicians to raise any money at all. Politicians, who gathered enough signatures, would get public funding for a campaign. Airwaves (which are all public-radio, tv etc) would allocate a specific amount for each candidate; regionally, nationally, locally etc., depending on the elected office.

    Take ALL of the money out of politics and you would have people serving to do a job they were passionate about, and ten they would get out. Politician would not be JOB itself. It would be a calling.

    Without money in it, the people who wanted to play a role and get involved would naturally do what is good for the country and the people and not for giant corporate “people.”

    Simple, baby.


  8. Andy says:

    What happens if 5 million people want to get together and donate 10 dollars (The NRA). Are they forbidden to ynder your system? Doesn’t that infringe on the 1st amendment? The only way to reach millions of people fast is through mass communication-radio television and the internet. And this would give liberals an unfair advantage being that 83% of the media when polled admits to being liberal. So you’d abolish AIPAC and the AARP two of your favorite lobbies?

    • Gregor says:

      Here’s your boy, Gingrich, accidentally admitting campaign finance laws are bad, since if they were enforced, we’d have an equal society.

      As for the NRA, it’s no longer a lobby, it’s the opposite of a lobby, it’s a bully mob, interfering with free speech, using money to silence the debate, which is how a democracy perfects itself.

      • Steven says:

        My Brother told me he has access b\c he is rich..He said it is not right but it is the way it is.. Andrew Cuomo was at his wedding last year..

        i agree that Supreme Courts should not have lifetime appointees..Well the Constitution best part is that you can amend the Constitution, and that goes for the second amendment also if that’s what that what we choose..

        i think where we differ is that i am a square..I believe in the rule of law..I believe once you let things like going to war without congress approval or searching people with no cause, and making strict gun laws, you are subverting the rule of law..its not the Constitution that is important, I would be fine in creating a new one if we would follow it..It’s just when you don’t know the rules how can you follow them..And yes the people that wrote the constitution were deeply flawed just like most if humanity has been since well the beginning of humanity..But having a rule of law with ability to change the rules i think makes sense..If not you have rule of the powerful and the mob, and thats where we are at, and most likely will continue if nothing change…

  9. vince says:

    There are limits to the 1st Amendment. You cannot yell “fire” in a theater. You can say you want off the President. etc. etc. No PACs, no money in politics; none at all. If you want to support an issue, support it with your words (use your 1st Amendment rights) and your actions.

    Lastly, free access to all media would have to be given equally to all participants.

    I bet if money was taken out of politics, all of the Republicans would go and do something else.

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