Dance, Vladimir, Dance.

It’s being called a hoax, Jew Registration in East Ukraine. 2-things aren’t funny: Black Face and Jew Registration. Sometimes a hoax needs to be taken seriously.

jew_registration_ukraine (303x169)Jew Registration in East Ukraine came to light this week. There have been denials, on both sides, from those accused and those accusing the accusers.

This is a healthy dance: loud, visible, deeply shameful.

Birthers didn’t dance. Right here at home, Birthers weren’t made to dance. Never in my life have I heard of a “Long Form Birth Certificate.” It was nothing short of racism.

We all felt it. We all knew it. But no one danced.

Stand Your Ground is the result. Stand Your Ground is the Separate But Equal of 2014, little more than an invitation for insecure white men to hunt down and kill black teenagers: Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

Trayvon Martin has been etched into our consciousness. I had to Google “Black Teenagers Killed By Stand Your Ground” to find the second name. We didn’t dance for Jordan Davis.

Last night I went to a story jam in Chicago called Grown Folks. I threw my name in the jar and waited to see if I’d be called. Sure enough, I was called. I mentioned Max’s Deli. It got applause. Clearly, there were fans of pastrami. I talked about the joy of running a Jewish Deli. kerry_condems_leaflets_jew_registration (303x227)I said you wouldn’t think when my name was called, Greg Morelli, I’d be the owner of a Jewish Deli. Dad was from the Bronx, raised by Italian Immigrants. Mom was from Lincolnwood, raised by Bernie Katz.

Understanding rippled through the room.

Grown Folks video tapes their stories and uploads them to the net. So I looked into the camera and said, “I’m formally registering as a Jew. I’m an out of the closet Jew. Please upload this in East Ukraine. Come and get me, Vladimir. I know you think you’re strong. I know you think being shirtless on a horsie sends a signal. Allow me to clarify: the signal is NOT I’m a strong leader, the signal is I want to suck a dick. Da, Vladimir, on dick sucking. Nyet, Vladimir, on Jew Registration.”

Is the story a hoax? No. I’m taking it seriously, therefore it’s not a hoax. Was the Birther Movement a hoax? No. Even though it reduced the participants to a punch line. donetsk_order_ukraine_2014 (303x206)If we don’t pay attention, if we don’t participate, if we refuse to dance, we’re sitting ducks. To quote Chico Marx, “Why a duck?”

Why indeed.

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6 Responses to Dance, Vladimir, Dance.

  1. steven says:

    do you really believe this c’mon seriously..this was a coup by the cia and it is failing b\c unlike americans they have not been dumbed down enough YET to take it up the ass like we americans have been doing….

    it was not a hoax it is american propaganda..

  2. steven says:

    WE have a long history of coup’s..I learned this particular one from my wife and there is acutally a play on broadway about some of this…

    from the chicago tribune maybe its playing there

    back in the late 70s earlt 80′s jamaica leader was Manley who believed jamaica should independent and make things themsleves and he resisted US and the IMF to take loans from them..The IMF is like parent money..Once you take it your hooked and you have to do everything they say..There jamaican currency was strong but there were right wing people there that wanted to align themselves with us..Well reagan covertly brought guns into the country bribed poor locals formed gangs or death squads and eventually we were able to get Manley out and put our own man in place..Bob Marley by the way was a big manley supporter..Now Jamaica makes nothing does not even export there fruit which is amazing..Once the guns got there now the gangs still remain and people get killed everyday..They are in debt there currency is 100 Jamaican to 1 dollar..All the educated people have to leave Jamaica to make money
    The propaganda so thick that the first thing my sister said to my wife was about a show on tv about how everybody has a gun in jamaica and there is voilent crime..Not knowing that before Reagan brought in the guns there did not have any gangs or gun crime…

    It’s just the same in the Ukraine and we are just mad b\c Putin is fighting back..

  3. steven says:

    Here is an article relating Bob Marley to what I am saying.One lyric actually mentions the cia from the song rat race..

    “Rasta”, as Bob defiantly stated in “Rat Race”, “don’t work for no CIA”.

    my wife believes the cia killed him

    • Gregor says:

      I’m not mad at Putin. And I’ve asked myself enough questions to realize I have no idea what’s going on in the Ukraine, only what I’ve been told, which isn’t knowledge, since it’s leading me to an opinion.

      Mostly, I’m reacting to the Donetsk Leaflet.

      Oh, and I like calling out of Putin for his series of shirtless photos on a horsie, which reflect how much his older-self resents his younger-self for wanting a boyfriend.

  4. Vince says:

    This video clearly explains: what went down in Germany, the truth about Hitler and the affect on the Jews today.

    • Gregor says:

      “I’m not a Hitler Hater.”

      I’m for legal pot. But in case you think pot smoking makes you deep & insightful, please watch the link provided by Vince.

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