The Audacity Of Vladimir Putin

Secretary of State John Kerry said it would be a “grave mistake.”

When the Confederacy took up arms to fight on the side of slavery, it cost 618,222 lives, a “grave mistake.” When the Jews tried reading between the lines instead of actually reading the lines of “Mein Kampf,” it cost 5,709,329 lives, a “grave mistake.” When the supreme court used equal protection to protect the minority of voters who chose George W. Bush, 50,456,002, over the majority of voters who chose Al Gore, 50,999,897, thereby handing power to a man with no sense of accountability to the people, the rule of law or common decency, it was a “grave mistake.”

President Obama said he was “deeply concerned.” I’m deeply concerned about you being deeply concerned, Mister President.

Words have no meaning.

Nothing is going to happen to Vladimir Putin. Nothing. So why the tough talk? If anything, tough talk gives fuel to an unstable guy who’s reeling from postpartum depression after giving birth to the fallacy of sportsmanship and goodwill in Sochi.

Vladimir Putin is not ready to relinquish the spotlight. The eyes of the world are upon him. It’s his kink, perpetual attention. As soon as the Olympic Torch was extinguished, Vladimir went looking for a new rush, a new high, war.

From Moscow to Crimea, from Crimea to Kiev, it’s a hop-skip, even for Russian Tanks.

Why the surprise? This is exactly how all so-called presidents act, so-called presidents who’ve been appointed instead of elected, so-called presidents with no accountability to the people, the rule of law or common decency.

When you’re a so-called president, life is a series of gut instincts. Evidence is an inconvenience. Debate is a personal attack. Reason is for amateurs.

I’m waiting for Vladimir Putin to look the international community in the eye and say, “Either You’re With Us Or Against Us.” We certainly have it coming.

As for the people of Ukraine, as for the people of Syria, as for the people of Darfur, as for the girls of Pussy Riot, there is no international community, there is no rule of law…

There Is No Audacity Of Hope.

Hope didn’t end slavery. Hope didn’t liberate Auschwitz. Hope didn’t compel Rehnquist, Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas or O’Connor to honor the will of We The People by not meddling in a process they had no business meddling in.

For the record, it’s not the Cold War. It’s the Polar Vortex. Don’t let the media tell you otherwise. This is seasonal weather, nothing more.

In a 90-minute phone call, Barack Obama will achieve little more than egging-on a war fetishist. In much the same way, as Russian Tanks roll into Crimea, Vladimir Putin will achieve little more than hanging on to a fading spotlight as the Olympic Torch smolders.

The people of Kiev took to the streets of Independence Square to make their case: they demand freedom of self-government and accountability for their fugitive president, Viktor Yanukovych.

Around the world, we’ve reached a critical moment. We The People of Ukraine, We The People of Syria, We The People of Darfur, We The People of Russia, We The People of America…

We The People are no longer interested in supplementing You The Lavish Lifestyles Addicts, who get-off on hunting wild boar, who get-off on shirtless horseback riding, who get-off on fly fishing in Wyoming, who get-off on reading teleprompters at joint press conferences, who get-off on walking gracefully across a manicured lawn to board a fancy-schmancy helicopter on a self-important mission to attend yet another powerpoint presentation.

We’re dying. You’re making conference calls and We The People are dying. 

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6 Responses to The Audacity Of Vladimir Putin

  1. Babs says:

    Remember when Texas Governor Rick(oops) Perry talked about seceeding? What could Russia do? What can the US do about Ukraine? I’m sure Senators who never met a war they didn’t love McCain & Graham want all out confrontation and maybe even boots on the ground. But I believe President Obama knows that , while talk is cheap, that’s all he has. Reasoned, intelligent, non-confrontational talk is all we have!

    • Gregor says:

      Reasoning with the unreasonable is best left to XBOX. I happen to agree with Mccain. But I also think McCain needs to swallow his own medicine. Too long in the spotlight, and all you crave is another conflict.

      Grandstanding is a fetish.

  2. Steven says:

    We The People are no longer interested in supplementing You The Lavish Lifestyles Addicts,

    That is really what this and all of these “Uprisings” are about..The young people believe the propaganda that if they join the European Union they will get all this they think their President was stopping them..People are poor in the Ukraine so I cant blame them..But there are people here with college degrees that are living with their parents..

    These things will keep happening b\c technology has made it so the the have nots can see how the haves live…Inn the past this was not so apparent..

    The hyprocrisy of us sayin russia should mind its own business..Like we have not invaded country for our own economic self interests..We have admitted that we overthrew in 1955 the elected government in Iran and installed the Shah.We have Cheney in secret meeting with the oil companies dividing iraq between them.We have the opium fields in full force in Afghanistan after the taliban stopped it. The money is laundered through wall street and keeps wall street afloat..Oh and kills people too..

    So on this i think we need a balance to us..We had our chance to be the worlds only superpower and we acted like complete and utter maniacs…The world was much better when there was balance..

    • Gregor says:

      “The World Was Much Better When There Was Balance.”

      I agree. Although, maybe not “better,” since things still pretty much sucked. But I agree with the sentiment.

      We acted horribly in the Bush/Cheney years. Our behavior in Iran in 1955 was unconscionable.

      Invading Afghanistan was used to spend the surplus. Invading Iraq was pure hubris.

      We are not better for any of it. We did not need the approval of the so-called International Community. In fact, we stuck our finger in the eye of a trusted ally, France, when they told us there were no WMD’s.

      I’m no fan of Putin. I’m no fan of insecure men who make a parade of tanks and flags. But we have no business calling the behavior of Russia a “grave mistake.”

      Less scolding. More reflecting. Please and thank you.

  3. Steven says:

    here is an interview that putin took.Im posting here b\c the propaganda in this country is so thick you would not hear this unless you were looking..

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