Flight MH370: Master Class In Negotiation

This is not Terrorism 101. This is Advanced Terrorism.

Amateurs crash planes into buildings. Amateurs spend a surplus invading Afghanistan. Amateurs march into Crimea to extend a winning streak of Olympic Gold.

flight_mh370_flight_board_red (303x202)Fact: there’s a missing Boeing 777, a sonic mobile home. Fact: there are 227-passengers, a vast array of families and friends who are untapped advocates.

Fact: there’s a multi-nation search, 40-ships, 43-aircrafts, which amounts to a vast array of wounded egos. Fact: day-10, Flight MH370 is still missing.

Malaysian Officials have begun twisting the narrative to accommodate the likelihood of a hijacking. They’re preparing us for a narrative they can control.

Fact: day-1, they lost control.

flight_mh370_black_box_search (279x303)The plane did not crash into the ocean. The plane did not disintegrate into thin air. They offered those narratives, hoping they would stick, despite the bad news.

Fact: bad news isn’t bad news, until you lose control of the narrative.

Who would do this? Smart, capable men and women. Why would they do this? To get the world’s attention. What are they hoping to accomplish? High stakes negotiations where the upper-hand is a forgone conclusion. What’s their timeframe? The longer they take to make initial contact, the bigger the upper-hand.

Only an amateur terrorist would buy into the media hoopla. Only an amateur terrorist would attach their actions to a nation state. Only an amateur terrorist would forego anonymity to make known their demands.

colin_powell_vile_congress_wmd (303x227)It’s hard for the current crop of so-called world leaders to understand what’s going on regarding Flight MH370, since clearly, they’re amateur terrorists, amateur narcissists, rookies, unequipped to negotiate, baby-bottle poopie-pants.

Here are the terms. Pay attention, Junior.

Assemble an International War Crimes Tribunal, ipso facto. Try George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for lying to world about WMD’s, fetishizing torture and pre-emptively waging war on a sovereign nation.

Try Vladimir Putin for turning the Sochi Olympics into a sham, Opening Ceremonymanipulating the spirit of goodwill and sportsmanship, betraying trust and pre-emptively waging war on a sovereign nation.

Try Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong-un and Ted Nugent for refusing to step squarely into adulthood, despite gray pubes.

Fox News is to be rebranded Fox Comedy.

Russell Brand is to be taken seriously.

russell_brand_revolution (303x186)Once those terms have been met, emissaries will be contacted of the 227-families on board Flight MH370. Until then, people of the world, keep this in mind: if you board a plane, you do so at your own risk, take that in, for realsies.

Go ahead, take-off your shoes. Go ahead, place your hands over your head in a diamond shape. Go ahead, masturbate to the illusion of security.

Oh Yeah, Baby…

If the aforementioned terms are not met, please keep in mind there are pilots all over the world who are in cahoots with the mission, since, believe it or not, there are perfectly secure men and women, who, worldwide, are no longer beholden to the brainwashed disposition of irrational attachment to “the motherland.”


flag_pins_on_lapels (215x303)Sure, we like flags. They’re pretty. Especially flags on pins. Who doesn’t think flags are pretty? Only a crazy person, that’s who! And we’re not crazy, despite the current narrative.

To clarify, we like flags. So don’t misunderstand. You can misunderestimate. But don’t misunderstand. We don’t pledge allegiance to anything other than accountability.

Speaking of accountability, once the aforementioned line-up of war criminals are put on trial for crimes against humanity, crimes against decency, crimes against common sense and the unforgivable blunder of being an insufferable jerk, we too will make ourselves available for trial; believing, as we do, in the righteousness of accountability.

We don’t adhere to the current narrative. We don’t adhere to the storytellers currently writing for teleprompters. We don’t adhere to dimwitted enablers who blindly follow the marching orders of spoiled, unimaginative children.

flight_mh370_candlelight_vigil (303x175)Flight MH370 to ground control. This is your adulthood calling. Stop sleeping through the call. Wake up. And take it.

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12 Responses to Flight MH370: Master Class In Negotiation

  1. Babs says:

    OMG! R u hanging around too much with Conspiracy Steve? Is it contagious?

    • Gregor says:

      I will say this, Babs: it’s fun crawling inside the mindset of a conspiracy theorist, to see what the point-of-view reveals, and in this particular case, Flight MH370, explore how a missing Boeing 777 could be used as a bargaining chip.

  2. Babs says:

    Amazing story! Wing span of 777 larger than 2 football fields. Hard plane to ignore if it’s on land somewhere. Perhaps it’s up there with ET. Phone home!!!

  3. Steven says:

    it is really annoying how they keep talking about this story with no new news..Just shut up until you either make something up for the public to digest or find the fucking plane..Shocking a pilot has a simulator in his house.Or he is politically active..Of course they always fall back to its the Islamists..Just say we don’t know what happened until they do or until they make something up so people will not think it is aliens so they can keep flying and spending…

    i think they should blame it on aliens and have a whole new war on terror of aliens..They could spend vast amounts of money trying to defeat them call it “war on the universe”..

    it will provide good jobs…

  4. Babs says:

    OMG! I agree with Steve! I’m getting worried!

  5. Andy says:

    I think it will be a simple explanation like the plane crashed into the fucken ocean and sunk. I hear all these people in media saying it may have landed or been hijacked. I doubt you can hide a 100 million dollar jumbo jet. My Ford Fusion has a GPS anti theft I would think a plane would have some serious tracking device.

  6. Mike says:

    A 777 wingspan is 200 feet not 200 yards.

    It’s probably parked in a hanger in pakistan getting weaponized.

  7. Andy says:

    Awfully stupid plan to ‘weaponize’ a jumbo jet. Nothing can happen in this country without it being a conspiracy or a wild terror plot. Sometimes planes crash.

    • Claudia says:

      Forget the plane, where are the people at? Was it 229 people.? With all the technology that exists today, you would hope they can tell us something concrete. Right?
      I’m baffled! How does a plane disappear in mid-air?

  8. joey says:

    u r baffled because u watch too much msnbc.

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