SB 1062

What a good man. John McCain is a good man.

John McCain believes in the “greatness of Arizona,” a state which dragged its feet on Martin Luther King Day, turned a blind eye after Gabby Giffords was gunned-down at Safeway and now seeks to re-introduce America to the glory of Jim Crow Laws.

John McCain wants Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto SB 1062.

What a good man. John McCain is a good man. Even though, in all honesty, this embarrassing non-adult behavior never should have seen the light of day.

SB doesn’t stand for Senate Bill.

SB stands for Spoiled Brats.

Speaking of hateful behavior deserving of a swat on the fanny, Washington lobbyist Jack Burkman is drafting legislation which would ban gay athletes from playing in the NFL.

Ironically, this is good news for Michael Sam. Maybe it’ll keep him from ending up on the stupid farm, after a career spent bashing his head into other men, for the sake of Nike selling more sneakers.

Excuse me, did I miss something? When did we begin electing lobbyists to draft legislation?

Arrest Jack Burkman for impersonating an elected official. After which, arrest elected officials for impersonating adults. Television has cast a wicked spell, turning everyone who watches the poisonous screen into perpetual brats throwing perpetual tantrums over metaphorical cookies.

“I want the Cookie of Hatred, mommy. I was raised this way. It’s not my fault. I want the Cookie of Blamelessness, mommy. I’m uncomfortable. I’m uncomfortable being uncomfortable. I want the It’s All About Me Cookie, mommy.”

John McCain is the enabler-in-chief. Jan Brewer is the psycho du jour. Jack Burkman is the fat kid on the playground wearing cruelty as a mask of self-righteousness. Oh, and then there’s Vladimir Putin, the creepy guy in the van, parked on the outskirts of the playground, using the tears of Pussy Riot as lube, feverishly stroking, stroking, stroking.

Before the week is up, Jan Brewer will make a decision on SB 1062, like there’s actually a decision to make. John McCain called for a veto.

What a good man. John McCain is a good man, such bravery in the face of a non-decision.

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2 Responses to SB 1062

  1. Babs says:

    I don’t know if John McCain is a good or bad man. I do know that his call for a veto is a no brainer in the State of Arizona, where I reside for 6 months a year. Even the crazies down here don’t favor this shit!! The next Super Bowl is down here and is threatning leaving if this bill passes. Apple has offices here and is calling for a veto. John McCain faces nothing for calling for a veto. The only thing John McCain favors is war-all the time-everywhere!! He has never met a war he doesn’t love!!! No kudos to John McCain for making an easy, normal decision! Lets see him give kudos to President Obama for his reasoned, thoughtful decisions not to put our troops in harms way everywhere. Then call on him to take a bow!

    • Gregor says:

      John McCain isn’t a man. Jan Brewer isn’t a woman. They’re overpaid liars contaminating the future with their propensity for procreation without taking one constructive second for thoughtful reconsideration of mean-spirited, outdated, deeply-bigoted beliefs.

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