MLK Sparks-Up With BHO

Barack Obama said there’s no real difference between alcohol and marijuana. I’m tempted to call him President Obama, since it lends more relevance to the news. But to me, in all honesty, yesterday doesn’t care about this news.

The other day at Max’s Deli, the older brother of a childhood friend approached me to say hello.

I asked if he did anything special for the holidays. He said he spent the holidays in Florida, with all of his brothers, all of their kids, all of their cousins. He was beaming with happiness. He told me he was high pretty much every second of every day. Then he paused, to make sure we were on the same page, and asked, “You get high? Don’t you?”

“I smoked pot in high school,” I told him. “I did it to win your brother’s friendship. I smoked pot for a lot of years. But I never liked the way it made me feel. I liked the smell. I liked the camaraderie. But I never liked the way it made me feel.”

Pot was interesting, until it wasn’t. Pot held me back, until it didn’t. Mostly, I grew bored. It’s the same thing with day-drinking and shooting pool. I grew bored. I wanted more from my life than managing hangovers and basing the illusion of friendship on passing around a joint.

Truth is, we still incarcerate non-violent drug offenders while bankers pleasure themselves anally with undeserved bonuses.

Truth is, we still incarcerate non-violent drug offenders while international war criminals who twisted torture into enhanced interrogation techniques go fly-fishing in Wyoming.

Truth is, we still incarcerate non-violent drug offenders while the Ghost of MLK rolls his eyes at our collective lack of audacity.

My favorite speech isn’t “I Have A Dream.” My favorite speech was delivered when Dr. King accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. And I quote: “I have the audacity to believe peoples everywhere can have 3-meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for the minds…dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits.”

It’s the speech where hope first met audacity.

In college, I got into trouble for giving a far less eloquent speech. “What’s the big deal,” I asked, “about blowing a little weed?” I was trying to sound hip and cool. Truth is, I didn’t know anything about being hip. Truth is, I didn’t know anything about being cool. As much as I pretended to like smoking pot, I was more interested in challenging the rules than getting high.

Many years later, I was dating a woman named Lila. We were out with my parents one fateful night when she tried to impress my Dad by telling him she’d never experimented with drugs. Without missing a beat, Dad turned to Lila and said, “It reflects a lack of intellectual curiosity.”

Ah, Brutally Frank! That’s where I get it from. Not the desire to make friends by passing around a joint so much as the desire to try something for myself, see for myself, challenge myself to form my own opinions.

As much as I want to be excited about Barack Obama, President Obama, speaking out on behalf of pot smokers, all I can say is he’s 27-years late to the party. In college, they called us “Time Travelers,” in an attempt to label the group who smoked pot as the kids who were stuck in the past.

Truth is, we were ahead of our time.

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18 Responses to MLK Sparks-Up With BHO

  1. Andy says:

    Well well well…. the Liberal hero turns out to be a typical Communist traitor.

  2. Andy says:

    Read the entire article Dianne Feinstein one of the most liberal Senators in the country:

    Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.), Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, was also asked on “Meet The Press” if she felt Snowden had help from the Russians.

    “He may well have,” she said

    Doesn’t that change your opinion of this bastard a little? Maybe Russia helped this guy commit treason to destabilize the United States politically? Remember Putin was a KGB officer? And it worked his leak caused a huge shit storm. Of course this story was buried in the AP wires. Just saying.

    • Gregor says:

      No. I don’t think of Edward Snowden as a “bastard.” I think of him as a kid, the same way Aaron Swartz was a kid, the same way Trayvon Martin was a kid, the same way Matthew Shepard was a kid, the same way Emmett Till was a kid.

      It’s too easy to call them names, put them in a category and right it off to “treason.”

      It’s more complicated than that, 8Andy. As for Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.), she’s just another person in government, caught-up in the illusion of power.

      Today is MLK DAY. Try seeing things from the perspective of a so-called dissident. MLK was called all sorts of horrible things, to discredit his message.

    • Brian David Lupton says:

      “He may well have”. Well that settles it Snowden is a commie. Hey Andy have you been under a rock… Russia has embraced crapitalism. Like a long time ago. The communist empire is no more. China is communist in name only as is Cuba.
      But that is irrelevant because that statement isn’t proof of anything except HER personal opinion. Did Pope Benedict molest altar boys? He may well have. Did you suck dick in college? You may well have. If I ask you a question and you have no factual evidence to support an answer and you answer “he may well have” that’s not definitive. My tummy hurts. I may well have stomach cancer or an ulcer or food poisoning. Or none of the above. Maybe I just ate too much.
      Andy you have an opinion on Snowden. This woman’s opinion is in agreement with your’s. Two matching opinions does not an argument for truth make.
      I don’t think you have a compelling argument. Vince doesn’t think you have a compelling argument. Therefore your argument is void of value. Therefore Snowden was NOT assisted by the Russians. See how that works.

  3. YG says:

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  4. vince says:

    Legalized Weed and MLK.

    There is a problem, NASA. Or should I say, massa (master)? The legalized recreational weed is going to hit blacks and other minorities very hard. It takes a ton of money, licenses etc. to sell weed in Colorado for recreational use. The price to the rich consumer is high, no pun. Street weed is 1/6 of the price. They are still arresting THOSE people for selling it. Legal weed, should be legal weed. MLK would not be happy.

    • Gregor says:

      Hmmm, interesting. Never thought about it like that.

      But in all honesty, I have very little sympathy for people who like cigarettes, beer, big macs, breast implants, sports cars or pot.

      If you want it, the cost should be steep and the taxes so obnoxiously high, it’s a buzz kill.

  5. Andy says:

    The price for an ounce is $500 in Colorado. Its new and everyone is jumping all over it. When the supply increases and the demand dies down it should level off to street prices making it unprofitable to sell and wiping out the corner boys. There’s always heroin and crack and acid and X and the real money in the prescription drugs. Weed is the only drug there is a decent argument for legalization. The rest of the drugs are pure poison. If you deal weight you deserve prison.

    • Gregor says:

      You know what’s poison? War. You know what else is poison? Diet Soda. You know what the biggest poison is? Prison for non-violent drug offenders.

      It’s a little silly how quickly so-called conservatives rush to “you deserve prison.” What makes you guys the authority on absolutely everything?

      You guys end-up sounding a lot like Putin, Assad and Dick Cheney, know-it-alls who never took the time to pass a joint, think for themselves and develop the wonderfulness of 2nd guessing yourself.

      It’s never too late, 8Andy. Step back. Think again. It’s fun.

    • Gregor says:

      I appreciate the link. The pictures are horrific.

      I’m not a big fan of the Daily Mail. They tend to over simplify. But with no sense of humor.

      I love simplicity. But the way Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert use simplicity, to underscore hypocrisy and make you laugh.

      You know what really cured my younger self of all glamor I associated with drugs, it was the experience of detoxing my roommate from Heroin.

      It was 10-days, the most grueling days I’ve ever experienced. It was beyond exhausting. I barely slept, since he was constantly wandering around like a zombie, drooling and puking and shitting himself.

      He was cruel, hurling insults at me. A few friends of mine helped out. But none of his friends helped out.

      At the time, I didn’t realize it, but the experience changed the DNA of who I was. After it was over, our friendship ended. I grew bored of stoners. I calculated how much I was spending a year smoking cigarettes, and quit (it took 7 failed attempts, but I quit). I also stopped playing in bands, which were holding me back.

      The reason I tell you this is I think prison isn’t the answer. I think legalizing drugs and requiring all people who want to use to spend a long weekend out of every year at a detox clinic would do a lot more good than jail cells and horrific pictures.

      You have to change the DNA of users. Let them clean up after addicts on the back end of addiction and you’ll change them. Trust me.

  6. vince says:

    Sandy, your “weight dealer” argument is a little messy. You showed pictures (that have been floating all over the internets for a couple years) of meth addicts. Here’s your brain on drugs….

    Meth is simple to make and even a toilet paper pusher can make a batch.

    Are you saying that people that sell pounds of pot cause people to turn into zombies?

    What happened to your good old republican ideas of capitalism and let the buyer beware? Isn’t that also the republican defense to answering for Dubya killing the USA…”you folks bought that shit!”

  7. Andy says:

    Swindler the photos are from a correctional officer who took mug shots of kids from their first arrest until they got clean or died. With all the obsession of youth and looks he thought it would put a good scare into teenagers about Meth and it did! {Lie #1}

    Meth is NOT simple to make! Degenerates blow themselves up constantly or when they get busted or flee they leave a toxic waste dump that can take months to clean up-often permanently contaminating the area they worked.
    {Lie #2}

    As stated above counselor marijuana is the only drug that there’s an argument for legalization. It’s not good but it’s no better or worse than beer but YES I’ve met people that have smoked everyday since forever and they are Zombies.
    {Lie #3}

    No Republican idea like buyer beware (I think you mean Libertarian?) obviously there’s an FDA and other agencies that regulate product and thank God for the work they do. Crack Meth and other Marxist poison that due nothing but ruin lives and families are banned and long sentences are a must. But if you want to buy the latest Kim Kardashian skin cream and pay $99 for a 10oz bottle have at it.
    {Lie #4}

    George Bush is a legendary war time president.

    Are you really an attorney?

    • Gregor says:

      “George Bush Is A Legendary War Time President.”

      True, in that George Bush funded war with tax cuts, willfully lied about WMD’s (the justification for war in Iraq), and allowed the biggest attack on the homeland in the history of America.

      Legendary is the word, 8Andy.

      • Brian David Lupton says:

        Definitely legendary… years from now we will still be talking about that time the U.S. had a braindead, cokehead, fratboy as President.

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