Gay Games In Sochi

In Russia, there’s good news coming out. Not “coming out” in terms of opening up about your sexuality, coming out in terms of reporting international news.

Vladimir Putin announced gay men and women who attend the Olympic Games in Sochi are safe, so long as they “leave kids alone.”

Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, should feel perfectly safe, at all times, even when he’s overcome with an impulse NOT to leave kids alone, by lifting little-boy shirts and slobbering all over little-boy bellies.

I don’t want to accuse Vladimir Putin of being a self-hating homosexual, mostly because I don’t want to saddle gay men and women with Vladimir Putin. I think when you climb to a certain level of fame, power and recognition, you’re no longer homosexual or heterosexual. Once you climb that high, you get-off on yourself.

Vladimir Putin is an international thug with access to nuclear codes. And yet, he still feels threatened by sexuality.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of a person would equate homosexuality with pedophilia. It’s hard to imagine what kind of a person would celebrate heartlessness. It’d be like the Vice President of the United States of America having a daughter who’s gay, and while he’s in a position to do something meaningful about it, instead, keeping his yap shut. It’s hard to imagine.

We think we’re better. But we’re not. It wasn’t too long ago, our first black president was still “evolving” on issues of gay equality. This is what happens when you turn a blind eye, there’s a signal sent to bullies, letting them know accountability shouldn’t be on their short-list of concerns.

I don’t blame Vladimir Putin, he’s institutionalized. I don’t blame Dick Cheney, he’s institutionalized. I blame Barack Obama, he should’ve known better.

He’s married to Michelle, the most beautiful first lady I’ve ever seen, who today, turned 50. Incidentally, when I say beautiful, here’s what I mean: independent, ambitious, remarkable in her ability to make the difficult things look easy, sexy in a sleeveless gown and kind.

Vladimir could never land a woman like Michelle Obama. It takes a special man. You’re the man, Barack. Sometimes I think you forget.

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5 Responses to Gay Games In Sochi

  1. Babs says:

    Well written and I agree with everything you said! And when your the Prez and you have a bully pulpit, use it! If you don’t have the votes, you still have a bully pulpit! The Prez and the Pope both have platforms to preach from. Pope Francis, for all the fawing about how he’s a man of the people, hasn’t done squat about the pedophilia in the church. And it’s the little people, the most innocent, who have been taken advantage of by men in positions of power. Preach and make some changes for Gods sake, Mr. Pope! Use the bully pulpit and get something done on immigration reform, Mr. Prez! Both u guys don’t forget who u are at this moment in time!

  2. Vince says:

    The powerful are bullies.

    • Gregor says:

      I’m the most powerful person I know. And I’m the opposite of a bully. Unless I’m focused on exposing a bully, which is my fetish!

  3. Brian David Lupton says:

    How in the hell have I never seen this photo before? What in the hell was he thinking? Mr. President will you kiss my little boys tummy? I will be posting this in every thread I come across about Sochi and Putin’s obsession with gays. He’s def questionable. Not as a gay man… I don’t make a habit of kissing children’s bellies. Just questionable as a thinking human person. Obama shirtless on a beach makes sense. Putin shirtless on a horse makes less sense. Putin putting his mouth on some kids stomach…. WHY?
    You are correct Greg WE do not want him.

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