Free Snowden

Grant Edward Snowden Amnesty. Grant Edward Snowden Clemency. Welcome Edward Snowden home with a ticker tape parade.

“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.” 

What a charade. Let’s earn back the right to think of ourselves in lyrical phrases, in shimmering light, by honoring free information and celebrating the bravery of Edward Snowden.

Stop listening to pundits. They’re overpaid liars. Stop listening to daytime talk shows. They’re ratings are built upon the momentum of perpetuating the biggest possible lie.



Try Thinking.

It’s scary. I know it’s scary. But try. Step back and ask yourself why you believe what you believe. You already know what you believe. But you don’t know why.

You have to stop. You have to think. You have to try thinking instead of saying the automatic thing you’ve been trained to say as though it’s yours. It’s not. It’s not yours.

In 2013, we lost Trayvon Martin. In 2013, we lost Aaron Swartz. In 2013, we gained Edward Snowden. He took-on the NSA. He took-on the American Government. Then he took-off.


I Call That Smart.

Do you think the American Government was going to fight fair? Really?

Did you not watch the manufactured crisis over the so-called rollout of the Affordable Care Act. What a charade.

There’s no such thing as a rollout. It’s a clunky, uncomfortable slip-and-slide. There’s no other way. You take-in the first level of mistakes. You adjust accordingly. You take-in the second level of mistakes. You adjust accordingly. By the third level of mistakes, you’re on even footing.

It’s simple.

Take big money out of government. Set glue traps in the halls of congress and snap the necks of lobbyists like rats. Make the draft mandatory. Tie the members of congress to the draft by amending the constitution to include, “Your Kids First.” Make the kids of congress go first, and you can be damn sure the next time there’s a war, the sacrifice will be worthy of the cause. Force all lawyers to spend 3-weeks out of every year in prison, so in the pit of their tummies, they understand the concept of injustice. Force all doctors to spend 3-weeks out of every year cleaning bedpans and mopping floors, so in the pit of their tummies, they understand the concept of humility. Force all politicians to spend 3-weeks out of every year serving tables in a Jewish Deli, so in the pit of their tummies, they understand the concept of service.

Welcome Edward Snowden home. Give him a hug. Tickle his tummy.

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2 Responses to Free Snowden

    • Gregor says:

      Obama is in power and it’s easy to do whatever you want, and justify doing whatever you want, when you’re in power.

      Snowden is that rare voice of the moment which reflects the beauty of being anonymous, even in a world in love with over-sharing and celebrity hocus pocus.

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