Oy Vey Person Of The Year, 2013

I dig Pope Francis. He’s the first Pope in my lifetime who seems to understand the importance of gestures like washing feet. Holding power isn’t about you. It’s about lifting the people around you.

I dig Edward Snowden. He reminds me of something I learned in advertising: a principle is not a principle until it costs you something. In the name of free information, Edward Snowden has lost the right to live freely in the world.

I dig Miley Cyrus. If I were lucky enough to be a rowdy 21-year old former Disney Starlet, I’d foam fingerbang myself at the VMA’s and call it an honest day’s work.

Rock On, Miley!

I dig all of these people. But no one listed above deserves to be on the shortlist, not when you’re stopping to consider who should be named Person of the Year in 2013.

I name Brutally Frank. He drove his family across Italy to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of his marriage to Babs. In the runner-up category, I name Babs, for browbeating Brutally Frank as he drove his family across Italy.

In the runner-runner-up category, I name Vinny Vegas & Prop8Andy, whose unlikely bromance reassures the rest of us not to judge love, since love is not supposed to make sense.

In the runner-runner-runner-up category, I name Claudia, the mediator who chased away an opportunity for me to meet another mediator, and perhaps find an opportunity for myself to grow as a mediator, simply because she mistook professional compatibility with “flirting.”

In the runner-runner-runner-runner-up category, I name Brian David Lupton, a Canadian with more insight and love for the American Constitution than the phonies who call themselves Americans.

In the runner-runner-runner-runner-runner-up category, I name my brother Joey & cousin Stacey, two people I love who keep me honest, hard-working and utterly baffled.

In the runner-runner-runner-runner-runner-runner-up category, I name anonymous comments, blind facebook likes, those who read but never comment and trolls.

Not internet trolls. Actual trolls.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Thank you for calling out my whining. Thank you for smiley faces, winks and showing up. Woody Allen said 98% of being creative is showing up. Here’s to figuring out what’s in the magic elixir of the remaining 2%.


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4 Responses to Oy Vey Person Of The Year, 2013

  1. Claudia says:

    Hahahahaha… all I said was, Dearborn is that way, and pointed her to the right direction… lol… no loss there she is a republican.. hahhaha..
    Mi Amor, if you want professional compatibility come to the continued education meetings. Since the last time you were their the group has grown with a slew of new young women mediators to boot. Don’t worry, no more ck blocking I mean chasing away opportunities from you. ;)
    I nominate Greg for person of the year because not only is he intelligent, but also sexy and most importantly honest and kind.
    Thank you, Greg for the nomination.

    • Gregor says:

      Thanks for the nomination. And the kind words. I accept.

      I’ll make it one of my goals to find the time to be at the meetings for continuing education in 2014. By the way, I had a feeling that bitch was Republican. It was a relief when you said, “Dearborn is that way.”


  2. Brian David Lupton says:

    Happy New Year Greg. Haven’t been FB timesucking for a while, so I had a slew of your blogs to peruse. Thanks for the nomination :D I’m bragging to all my FB people. Looking forward to reading your thoughts in 2014. Cheers.

    • Gregor says:

      Put a beat behind your bragging, and you’ve got a hip-hop album. Happy New Year, Brian. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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