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I love the holiday season because it reminds me how much I love Chinese food.

I love Chinatown because it has Chinese food.

I love my friend Hannah Wang because she’s Chinese and her entire family takes me to Chinatown.

I love my brother Greg because he indulges my Chinatown obsession every year around this time.

I love Sun Wah BBQ because it serves the best Chinese Food in the city when I cannot find the time to schlep to Chinatown.

Asian Glaze:

· 1 cup hoisin
· 1 T fresh chop basil
· 1 T fresh chop cilantro
· 1 T fresh chop garlic
· 1 bulb small diced ginger
· 1 T sliced scallions
· 2 T honey
· 2 T soy sauce
· 3 T rice vinegar
· juice of one lemon
· juice of one orange
· 1 t white pepper
· sriracha to desired spice

1. mix above ingredients and let flavors develop 48 hours
2. put a 3# whole Mediterranean sea bass into a cast iron skillet
3. add baby carrots, baby bock choy and shiitake mushrooms
4. steam bake vented 45 minutes @ 400

Happy Challah Days!

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  1. joey says:

    hey bro please get ride of the fat guy in an ugly suit photo for a vegas pic of me in my new sexy hugo boss suit thanks!

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