Bernie Madoff In Correctional Casuals

I’m not what you’d typically imagine as a reader of the Wall Street Journal. All too often, I’m lumped in with the eye-roll crowd: left of left, loose cannon New York Times reading liberal.

I’m used to the undertone of nastiness. It feels like home.

When someone calls me liberal, I know their endgame: make me defensive and then call me out for being defensive. It’s the shame-game, the same tactic at play when I’m asked how come I never got married.

Unhappy people get-off on contaminating you with their unhappiness. They can’t be bothered to notice their behavior. In the same way people who call themselves conservatives, or middle of the road, are lacking the discipline of self-examination.

They were wrong about slavery. They were wrong about women’s suffrage. They were wrong about integration. They were wrong about marriage equality. They were wrong about Barack Obama being an “empty suit.”

But they can’t admit it. So they play the shame-game, flinging the word “liberal” at anyone who has the heart to step back and re-think the dumb things they were taught to believe.

Speaking of the epicenter in lacking self awareness, Bernie Madoff was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. He’s currently serving 150-years at the Butner Federal Correctional Facilities, which should be re-named the Bernie Madoff Dick Sucking Facilities.

Dressed in beige khakis instead of an orange jumpsuit, Bernie Madoff extolled the virtue of being Bernie Madoff. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear it was a paid advertisement.

This is why I can’t be called liberal. You can’t call me liberal if you’re going to pretend the Wall Street Journal is a bastion of conservative investigative reporting. I’m sorry, did I say you can’t call me liberal? You can. Go right ahead. But keep in mind, this type of mature discourse created the insightful tit-for-tat otherwise known as “rubber and glue.”

I’m rubber.

You’re glue.

Anything you say bounces off me and sticks to your lack of a conscience.

Bernie Madoff isn’t newsworthy. Bernie Madoff is a hardcore criminal who stole a generation of stability. End of story.

Stop the Presses.

Pass the Peabody.

If the so-called reporting of Sital Patel isn’t a call-to-action for the Department Of Justice to re-examine the nature of incarceration, I don’t know what is. You’re telling me non-violent drug offenders deserve to get raped in maximum security penitentiaries while Bernie Madoff gets a reach around from the editorial staff of the Wall Street Journal?

It’s bad enough we have to pretend Peggy Noonan can write simply because she knows how to put her hands on a keyboard and generate fantasy fiction for the intellectually incompetent. Now we have to pretend Bernie Madoff is the premiere champion of free market capitalism who’s being wrongfully persecuted for heroic adherence to “Caveat Emptor.”

Let the buyer beware?

How about this…

Let the Bernie beware.

Ship Bernie Madoff to Riker’s Island. Or Gitmo. Or Maricopa County, Arizona.

Turn Bernie Madoff over to Joe Arpaio. No more beige khakis. No more air conditioning. No more facilities.

Here’s a tent, Bernie.

Let’s see what self-righteousness sounds like after a summer of hard labor, where temperatures are known to reach 118 Degrees Fahrenheit. And tears evaporate like 401K’s.

Who you calling liberal?

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2 Responses to Bernie Madoff In Correctional Casuals

  1. Babs says:

    True, true, true! This is how a sociopath thinks! And in state after state they are incarcerating marijuana users and throwing them in with hardened criminals while Madoff is at a country club. Justice for all? Fair & balanced? Jaime Diamond? Too big to fail? Depressing is what it is!

    • Gregor says:

      Drug use is an escape which becomes a problem when you lose control over the need for escape. Maybe you’re locked in poverty. Maybe you’re afraid to leave a loveless marriage. Maybe the overwhelmingness of 9/11 combined with the collapse of the economy in 2008 did you in. But the end result is the need for help, not incarceration.

      I get it. Incarceration is big business.

      So if you need a new cash cow, incarcerate all of the criminal bankers, AIG bonus taking scumbags and welfare queen politicians who think they’re entitled to a paycheck without tying their job performance to GDP.

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