Amazing Lack Of Grace

The kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School handled the shooter with a will to live which can only be described as defiant.

The first responders at Sandy Hook Elementary School handled the shooter with a fierce determination which can only be described as selfless.

The parents at Sandy Hook Elementary School handled the shooter like parents, which is to say, “There But For The Grace of God Go I.”

Of course we don’t want to hear the 911 calls. There’s no context. This isn’t a movie. There’s no dramatic swelling of musical accompaniment to shepherd our emotions through the horror.

Of course we don’t want to hear the 911 calls. There hasn’t been enough time. With the benefit of time, we can add perspective, attributing the atrocity to another time, another place.

Of course we don’t want to hear the 911 calls. It’s uncomfortable.

Yes, we’ll bow our heads.

Yes, we’ll light candles.

Yes, we’ll offer thoughts and prayers.

But enough is enough. Anything more, and we might have to do something about it. In order to do something about it, there would have to be reflection followed by effort.

Is there anything more uncomfortable than reflection followed by effort?

“Change Is Good” doesn’t mean change is good. It really means change is good for everyone else but me. It’s easy to say, “There But For The Grace Of God Go I.” Without effort, the words are lacking in grace.

God’s not interested. And neither am I.

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7 Responses to Amazing Lack Of Grace

  1. Babs says:

    How about them “plastic guns”!!

    • Gregor says:

      The commercial wasn’t a commercial. It was gun porn. Put it on

      The rant after the commercial is a snore. It’s not a constitutional right to have a gun. It’s an amendment. You can amend amendments, that’s the “big idea.”

      This is the day after the 911 Calls from Sandy Hook were released, and all guys like you want to do is defend shooters.

      Which is what the rant after the commercial should be about, but you guys don’t have the guts to call it like it is: mass shootings are the new national pastime.

      Move over baseball. Move over football. Bang-Bang Shoot-Shoot is the Shit-Shit.

      • Brian David Lupton says:

        As a Canadian, Greg, it amazes me how many Americans scream that the Constitution is ‘sacred’ and can’t be changed when it’s obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence that it’s been altered several times.
        Countries and societies, like all ‘living’ things, evolve when new challenges appear. If they don’t they die. I know it’s the ‘next’ topic, but South Africa is a perfect example. It took them a long time but they came around to accept that colour of skin should not determine your value. If they hadn’t Nelson Mandela would just be another black man who died unjustly in prison and South Africa would be poorer for it.
        Basing your entire society on a piece of paper written almost 250 years ago makes no more sense than basing your medical decisions on the scientific knowledge of the same time period.
        It’s a good start but with time more information, more innovation, more discoveries make the old ones obselete. Everyone wants the newest phone but no one wants to update their views.
        I hope this made sense, gotta eat now. Liked the Mandela post as well.

        • Gregor says:

          Thank, Brian. I agree. It strikes me as obvious the only people who are in love with the constitution as it was written are the type of people who benefit the most, through no accomplishment of their own, in real time: namely insecure white men who cling to God & Guns instead of making peace with their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and stepping into 2014.

    • vince says:

      The commercial was banned because is sucks. It is poorly done and seems more like an SNL skit. But an idiot like Andy can’t see that.

      As far as the release of the 911 tapes:
      I hear what you are saying, Gregor. But the tapes do not depict kids screaming, no one on the tapes die. It is a reminder of what happened. And I think it is good because NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE! Nothing has changed. Not one single thing.

  2. vince says:

    Nelson Mandela has died today. He lived to 95 years old. Amazing. He lived 27 of those years in prison because of his beliefs. Beliefs that people like Andy can’t understand.

    I think today, and tomorrow, and the days after, are days to celebrate his life and the changes in the world that he accomplished.

    Did you know, Mandela started the first black owned law firm in South Africa; he was a lawyer.

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