Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles

I’ve always admired performers like Sarah Silverman.

Whenever she does anything, whenever she puts something out into the world, I race home to catch it. I made sure to be home on the day “The Sarah Silverman Show” launched on Comedy Central. I made dinner plans for last night with Mom and Dad, so we could watch “We Are Miracles,” on HBO.

I don’t have HBO. They have HBO. So I took Mom and Dad out for sushi. I bought the spicy tuna rolls. They bought the funny.

I loved it. Dad loved it. Mom thought Sarah was “adorable but not at all funny.” Mom’s a tough sell. She’s fair. But she’s tough as Hell.

Lately, I’ve noticed a tendency to point my admiration in a different direction. I admire The Coen Brothers. I admire T Bone Burnett.

I find myself swooning over those with an ear for lush storytelling and nuanced production values.


I’ve lost interest in the performers. I still enjoy the performers. I just don’t admire them. Not anymore.

Sarah Silverman looks sad. Something seems to be bothering Sarah Silverman. And not the kind of undercurrent which leads comics to the mic. It’s the kind of sadness I’ve noticed in people who, too soon in life, “make it.”

By the time she was 23, Sarah Silverman was hired on SNL. She’s been famous pretty much her entire adult life. She’s a celebrity. She dates other celebrities. She’s in “the club.”

From the point of view of the audience, it gets harder and harder to empathize with someone who’s been on the receiving end of accolades since her early 20’s.

Recently, at the James Franco Roast, Sarah Silverman was attacked for being “too old.” It stung. In fact, it stung with such precision, Maureen Dowd wrote an op-ed about it in the New York Times.

(This might be a little insider, but it’s worth consideration.)

Maureen Dowd made the case it’s unfair to label a woman “too old.” I agree. But even more, I’d make the case it’s unfair to do the roast since the death of Greg Giraldo.

Greg Girlado was a roast master’s roast master. He was quick witted, funny as fuck, loaded with machine gun jokes, brilliant without needing to call attention to his brilliance.

Greg Giraldo was the heart of the roast.

All of the comedians on the dais were friends with Greg. That is to say, all of the comedians on the dais were friends with Greg until, from my point of view, not a single one of them could be bothered to rally for Greg.

He overdosed. Leaving behind a wife. Leaving behind kids.

When I tune-in for the roast, I no longer see a dais of comedians. I see a stage of mean-spirited assholes who thought it was more important to jump through a hula hoop, to bring attention to their tired acts, than rally for Greg.

Sarah Silverman should’ve known better than to do the James Franco Roast.

The roast is dead. Long live the roast.

Sitting at home with Mom and Dad, last night, watching “We Are Miracles,” I was struck by how beautiful, funny, imaginative and fearless Sarah Silverman is with the places she’s willing to go, comedically.

I loved it. Dad loved it. Mom thought Sarah was “adorable but not at all funny.” I love you Mom, but you’re half way right.

Sarah Silverman is both. And her comic timing is a miracle.

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9 Responses to Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles

  1. Babs says:

    I’ll take half right any time! Some of us call it the “Nuclear Option.”!!!

  2. vince says:

    I am a big fan of Sarah Silverman. She has a sweet edginess and a giant, hairy bush. I was amused by her special. I caught it the first time it aired. It wasn’t as funny as I expected. I kept thinking I was going to change the station and watch it again another time. I never flipped the channel and I thought it was very good, and odd. It’s nice to see a new take on performing.

    I think Sarah would make a great girlfriend for Gregor.

    • Gregor says:

      Sarah Silverman has a boyfriend. I don’t want to be her boyfriend. But I would like to be the guy she kicks herself in the ass for not cheating on her boyfriend with.

      Regarding her “giant, hairy bush,” I recently listened to Sarah Silverman being interview on The Stern Show. Of course, Howard addressed this incredibly important issue. Sarah confirmed she keeps her lady parts in a tidy triangle.

      • Claudia says:

        Greg is capable of finding his own girlfriends. I’m pretty sure the line is long and winding. Being a Super -Fan an all I was paying attention. He is looking for the following: “Incidentally, my dream woman dances like Madeline Kahn, rolls her eyes like Olivia Munn, thinks like Aaron Sorkin, kvetches like Larry David and has a proclivity for antagonizing the world like MIA.”
        Giving thanks for guys like Greg who know what they want and do not settle for less.

  3. Steven says:

    actually i think greg would be really good with lady gaga…

    • Gregor says:

      One of the reasons I decided to call out my own bullshit and finally learn how to read & write music is another interview I saw on The Stern Show, where Lady Gaga plays “Edge Of Glory,” accompanying herself on a baby grand piano.

      It’s astounding! Here’s the link.

  4. Babs says:

    I always thought she had a nice voice, but this is way beyond nice. What a gloriously beautiful voice!! And what a moving song! Thanks for sharing!

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