Johnny Grey rang the buzzer. He needed me to buzz him back into his own apartment. He had to make a run, downstairs, to meet up with his drug dealer, to score a bag of weed. He likes to smoke weed. He likes to smoke weed pretty much every day. Okay, every day, every single day, mornings included. Johnny Grey is an incredibly successful businessman. To unwind, he prefers weed to booze. But he’d never get himself approved for medical marijuana.

It’s a list thing.

Edwardo Ross picked me up on the corner of LaSalle and Jackson, around the corner from the Chicago Board of Trade, in his Mercedes E-Class, where I was protesting with Occupy Chicago. Edwardo Ross refused to get out of his Mercedes E-Class, or acknowledge the debate, or engage in the debate, or join in the drum circle.

It’s a list thing.

Edward Snowden wants to be treated like a patriot instead of a traitor. Germany is on the fence. Norway is on the fence. But not the U.S.

It’s a list thing.

It’s terrifying. It’s deliberately terrifying. We can’t walk out of Hopleaf with a beer, and walk the beat in Andersonville, even though we bought the beer.

It’s terrifying. It’s deliberately terrifying. We can’t walk into the United Center for a Bulls Game without getting patted-down. We can’t walk through O’Hare Airport to catch a flight without taking off our shoes and consenting to a blast of radiation.

It’s terrifying. It’s deliberately terrifying. We can’t stroll Edgewater Beach smoking a joint, even though God specifically designed Edgewater Beach to be strolled while smoking a joint.

They teach us to behave by turning relaxing things into stressful things. Case in point: there’s a database of 900,000 names currently being floated around of people who signed the petition to recall Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

It’s a blacklist thing.

Actually, it’s a point-of-pride. But we’ve lost the point. Or maybe, just maybe, making a point isn’t for everyone.

I know Johnny Grey and Edwardo Ross aren’t interested. One is a true friend. One is a Goodtime Charlie. Which is fine, since I don’t need all of my friends to be true friends.

Fun is for sale. And so am I.

At the end of the day, I get where Edward Snowden is coming from. I admire where Edward Snowden is coming from. Can’t remember, but here’s hoping when I made the pilgrimage to Madison, Wisconsin, for the protests to recall Governor Scott Walker, I signed the petition.

I was tempted to say “dumb enough” to sign the petition. But then I changed it, for fear of being perceived as dumb. Now I’m changing it back, for fear of misrepresenting myself.

Here’s hoping I was dumb enough to sign the petition.

With the odds being so clearly stacked against those with a desire for goodness in the world, only an idiot would hope.

Here’s hoping.

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10 Responses to Sanctuary

  1. Andy says:

    Claudia let me clarify Vince is the phony white liberal I was agreeing with your post. Of course you live in the real world and he’s a phony which I pointed out 1000 times on this blog it just gets boring. Every time I burn him he hollers Nazi or something of the like it’s a defense mechanism. Anyway off to worship the Lord have a good Sunday everyone.

    • Claudia says:

      Andy, I know..

      “Phony White Liberal” was used as a headliner, I guess it serve it’s purpose.. Oh and for a better effect “Brown Woman” was added to the headliner.

      It’s good to know that is what I’am a “Brown Woman” at least it did not read ” Mexican woman” but that would of not work since, I’m from Central America.


  2. Vince says:

    Pretty common talk, Andy, for a white supremisist who works really hard and is barely above the poverty line. The right wing has you totally hoodwinked into believing the socialist Dems are the ones keeping you down. They have taught you that if you just believe hard enough, you too, Andy, can have your own slaves and a private jet. Hate on, Andy. Hate on. A life filled with hate is just that, an angry world.

    Come to think of it, life is a piece of shit, so always look on the bright side of life.

  3. Vince says:

    Great post. If you do not think that all these powers are already setting up the “pot cigarette” sales agenda, you would be thinking small. They are allowing it, state by state…..very slowly at first with momentum building. This is going to be huge money. Wall Mart type of money. They will control the weed. It takes time for them to get huge institutions into place. Just wait and see.

    • Gregor says:

      Well then I’d like to invest. I’m in favor of huge institutions. Mostly, I’m in favor of my friends being allowed to blow-off-steam without putting their freedom on the line.

      • Steven says:

        Your blowing off steam comment reminded me of your infamous pi-lambda speech. I think you said, “What’s wrong with people blowing weed?” I hardly participated in the fraternity but I am glad I showed up that day.

        • Gregor says:

          Yeah, same speech, different day. I took it on the chin, that day, all those years ago.

          I knew how to speak from the heart. I knew how to see things for myself. But I had a lot left to learn about building support from within a group so I could bring an idea out of the shadows and into the light of day.

          Looking back, Steven, I’m glad you showed up that day, too.

    • Gregor says:

      This is great news, not just for freedom, but even more, for business as well as a sin tax revenue stream to help pay off the deficit.

      Legalize It.

  4. Babs says:

    Sin Tax!! Let me tell you about sin tax. Driving through Oklahoma, where they have church signs every 5 feet, and signs that say “Love your baby-even the unborn ones”, Frank and I went out to dinner after driving from Chicago on the way to Arizona. 12 hours into the trip, we stopped for the night. Decided to go to Montana Mike’s for a steak dinner and some drinks. Just guess what the tax was on liquor? 23% yes I said 23%!!! It’s called a “sin tax” Let me out of Oklahoma!!

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