The Lion, The Bitch And The Whoredrobe

Ted Cruz refuses to give-up his paycheck, if there’s a government shut down. Who’s giving him a choice?

Ted Cruz held the Senate hostage when he spent 21-hours filibustering Affordable Care. Now the House of Representatives is holding the American People hostage by threatening to shut down the government.

Ted Cruz still wants to get paid, of course. John Boehner still wants to get paid, of course. Michele Bachmann still wants her pension and guaranteed lifetime health care benefits, of course.

Who’s giving them a choice?

We can’t afford to care: that’s the subtext. Least of all about the most privileged among us.

At least Vladimir Putin listened. At least Bashar al-Assad listened. At least the United Nations listened. At least President Rouhani took President Obama’s call, which marks the first time Iran and America have had phone sex since 1979, talk about blue balls!

It’s exhausting, the endless tantrums in Washington. It’s exhausting, the phony posturing of government shut downs. It’s exhausting, 24-7 nonsense news.

In a country filled with people who get-off on thinking of themselves as exceptional for little more than being born in the right place at the right time, it boggles the mind how unexceptional the people are who represent us in Washington.

Especially Ted Cruz. He’s the epitome of American Unexceptionalism.

Go ahead, shut down the government. Go ahead, stop paying the bills. Go ahead, telegraph to the world just how fucking spoiled and unimaginative we really are, beneath the veneer of “Peace Through Strength.”

We’re not strong. We’re not a superpower. Not anymore.

There’s nothing strong about refusing to man-up, and pay the bill. Walking away from paying the bill is the opposite of having superpowers.

I have friends who are always looking for a way to not pay the bill. I have friends who reach into their pocket when the bill comes, but it’s all about reaching, never about paying.

I have friends who hustle and bustle, who talk the talk, who cruise the schmooze, who live in gated communities while still pretending to be from the hood.

It’s exhausting.

It’s an act. Which is exactly what’s going on in Washington. It’s an act. And it’s tired. And it’s boring. And it’s holding us back.

Fuck Ted Cruz. Fuck John Boehner. Fuck Michele Bachmann.

What I mean is don’t fuck them. Don’t fuck any of them. Ted and John don’t deserve to shoot their load. Michele doesn’t deserve to squirt.

Take away their orgasm, Mister President. Take away their pay.

If they don’t want to do the work, they don’t get paid. If they don’t want to do the job, they don’t get paid. If they don’t want to face reality, and stop pretending they’re not responsible, personally responsible, for the debt they wracked-up, even when they started with a surplus to play with, especially when the started with a surplus to play with, they don’t get paid.

Those are the rules in the real world. It’s time for the rules in the real world to start applying to Narnia, otherwise known as Washington DC.

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6 Responses to The Lion, The Bitch And The Whoredrobe

  1. Babs says:

    Who puts these irresonsible assholes in office? “We the People.” Time for all of us to look in the mirror, sit down in a big comfy chair and educate ourselves about our representatives. Turn off the TV and read. Educate. Understand. Get informed. Stop believing the talking points and become a good citizen!! Maybe if we start doing our job, we will elect people who will do their jobs!

    • Gregor says:

      It’s hard for me to imagine how a group of people, with arguably the best job you can ask for, can treat the rest of us like garbage.

      That we even let them make Affordable Care a “Deal Breaker” is little more than self-hatred. We keep dating the same losers, over and over.

      It’s our fault, entirely.

  2. Vince says:

    When a woman “squirts,” she is taking a piss. It was recently proven by a urologist. It comes from weak muscles. Most women who squirt will eventually become incontinent. Nice thought, an aging women who pees herself.

    Years ago, they were not allowed to pee on film. A creative porno film maker had the brilliant idea of re-naming the act of losing urine control during an orgasm as squirting.

    So Bachman, who squirts, is just another incontinent lady.

    Moral of the story, if your woman squirts, move your face away; unless you are into water sports.

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