Local Local Local

We buy our chicken & turkey from Harrison Poultry Farm in Glenview where they grow all natural, hormone and steroid free. Instead of base and water, to make chicken stock, we use the bones.

I ate the bones.


We buy our walleye pike from Door County, Wisconsin. We do a simple marinade of virgin olive oil, cracked pepper, lemon rind and smashed garlic. We then sprinkle it with matzo meal and pan fry it in clarified butter.




We buy our whitefish from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. We send it to a local smoke house: no processing, just a simple brine and hot smoke.

We buy our coffee from Intelligentsia. The owner, Doug Zell, is a local hero. Doug works directly with farmers. The loyalty he’s achieved is the engine driving sales.


In the old world, the secret to the restaurant business was Location Location Location. In the new world, it’s Local Local Local. 

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  1. Steven says:

    it is things like this that help make a better world…this is good…

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