Da, Vladimir, Da.

There are no Exceptional Nations. Moments come close, people come close, snacks come close, but there are no Exceptional Nations.

Rugelach is an exceptional cookie. Cream Cheese is an exceptional schmear. Matzo Ball Soup is exceptional proof Hitler was wrong.

Hitler believed in German Exceptionalism. He sold it to the German People. It was an easy sell.

Here’s the pitch: it’s about being born here, not what you do with your life, not the effort you put into the world, not holding to a desire with singleness of purpose, not raising girls to be thoughtful women, not raising boys to be thoughtful men, it’s simply about being born here.

It’s a lie. A big, fat lie.

Gender has nothing to do with it. Religion has nothing to do with it. Skin color has nothing to do with it. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. Geography has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it.

Vladimir Putin Is Right.

His op-ed in the New York Times is a thoughtful reflection on the danger of misleading people to believe they’re exceptional based on nationalism.

It should be mandatory reading in social studies classes this week, as kids head back to school, and as a nation, we wrestle with the right thing to do in Syria.

Sometimes history unfolds in real time.

We’re living in a moment where stepping back to see the world through the eyes of a perceived adversary might help us understand who we are a little more clearly.


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2 Responses to Da, Vladimir, Da.

  1. Brian David Lupton says:

    He might have a point but he’s still an exceptional asshole. Ten thousand gay teenage boys in Russia jerking off to a picture of him riding shirtless on a horse lmao…. and NOT ONE OF THEM having to have ‘gay’ promoted to them.

    • Gregor says:

      Keep in mind, it wasn’t too long ago, our exceptionally thoughtful president still had to “evolve” on Gay Marriage.

      Like it or not, President Obama bears some of the responsibility for allowing this unimaginative, shirtless, horsie-back-riding, self-hater to get away with taking out his sexual insecurities on Gay Kids.

      You send a signal into the world when you stand for “change,” and yet turn a blind eye to hatred.

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