Amateurs & Fetishists

Karl Rove said it’s “Amateur Hour” at the White House. Calling President Obama an “Amateur” for his handling of Syria.

I have to agree.

President Obama is an Amateur War Criminal.

Unlike Karl Rove, who’s an International War Criminal, willfully lying about WMD’s, outing a CIA Operative in deep cover to punish her husband for opposing the war in Iraq and manufacturing a strategy of conformity, “Either You’re With Us Or Against Us.”

Before he was an International War Criminal, Karl Rove cut his teeth locally as an Overpaid Liar.

He lied about John Kerry’s military service. He lied about John McCain fathering an out of wedlock black child. He lied about Ann Richards being a lesbian.

Karl Rove lied to win. But when you lie to win, it’s not called winning, it’s called finagling, which is the calling card of thieves, sociopaths, dictators, communists and cowboys.


For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my president. I’ve never been treated like an adult, brought into a process because “Going To War Is Complicated.” Instead, I’ve been treated like a slow child, protected from myself because “There Are Bad People In The World.”


This week, President Obama will make the case for war in Syria. This week, Congress will debate the case for war in Syria.

This week, between obsessive chatter about The Bears last second victory in game one, “Breaking Bad” being better than ever and holdover lamenting on the pros and cons of Twerking, we’ll actually have an adult conversation about our role in the world, in lieu of Kosovo and Rwanda.

Never Again. Or Not My Problem.

Never Forget. Or Shrug It Off.

We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Used To It. Or We’re Here, We’re Queer, But You Don’t Have To Get Used To It, Vladimir.

Vladimir Putin has abdicated his role in the debate. He has other things to worry about besides the use of Chemical Weapons in Syria.

Vladimir Putin has abdicated his role in the debate. He has other things to worry about, like addressing rampant homophobia in Russia before the Sochi Olympics.

Vladimir Putin has abdicated his role in the debate. He has other things to worry about, like reflecting on the emptiness of Cold War Posturing in a world that’s moved on from KGB kookiness.

Vladimir Putin has abdicated his role in the debate. He has other things to worry about, like the scandal to end all scandals, “Nipple Gate.”

Vladimir needs to reflect on what fetish it telegraphs to the world when you clearly get-off on being photographed shirtless riding a horsie.

He should hire Karl Rove. And re-brand himself as The Marlboro Fag.

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8 Responses to Amateurs & Fetishists

  1. TMV says:

    While speaking at GQ‘s Man of The Year Awards, Russell Brand thought it’d be hilarious to joke about the fact that Hugo Boss, the event’s sponsor, made a fortune selling uniforms to the Nazis.

    Brand told the gathered celebrities and politicians, “If anyone knows a bit about history and fashion, you know it was Hugo Boss who made uniforms for the Nazis.”
    He then added, “But they looked fucking fantastic, let’s face it, while they were killing people on the basis of their religion and sexuality.”

    Shortly afterwards, Brand was kicked out by the magazine’s editor, Dylan Jones. According to the comedian’s Twitter feed, the two men exchanged angry words, with Jones saying, “What you did was very offensive to Hugo Boss.’ Brand replied, ‘What Hugo Boss did was very offensive to the Jews.”

    TMV has now learned that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s army will be given new, matchy matchy uniforms from Hugo Boss, but only after all of the chemical weapons are put in almost president Gore’s lock box.

    • Gregor says:

      Russell Brand is becoming my favorite comedian at the exact same time his ex-wife, Katy Perry, is becoming someone I can no longer jerk-off to.

  2. Robert says:

    You are proud of Obama…give me a break. Please be honest with your assessment of this corrupt administration.

    1) Are you proud of the sink hole of debt that he has left for the future generations? His current actions will bring a decade of hyper inflation. Have you ever taken a college economics course?

    2) Are you proud of Obama’s numerous scandals and continued hypocrisy? He is putting Israel on the brink of extinction. The rest of the world thinks Obama is a joke and a fraud…his policies are grounded in jello and polls.

    3) Are you proud of all the exceptions and collateral damages being caused by Obamacare?

    You will probably enjoy this video:

    • Gregor says:

      1) Yes, I seem to remember the previous administration inheriting a surplus.

      2) Yes, I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to Yitzhak Rabin.

      3) Yes, I think the Affordable Care Act is a gift to the future which will expedite the process of achieving Medicare For All.

      By the way, Robert, I tried the link to your video. This was the message, “An error occurred during validation. This video does not exist. Sorry about that.” At least I tried, unlike you, to see where the other side is coming from.

      • Robert says:

        According to the treasury department’s count, the debt has grown $5.3 trillion so far since Obama took office in 2009, compared to $4.9 trillion in Bush’s eight years. Bush had to deal with all the 9-11 homeland security crap…Obama is spending like a drunk sailor trying to create bogus jobs. The only reason that the unemployment rate is in decline is because people have quit looking.

        Why do you ignore all the Obama scandals? If this were Republicans you’d be whining like a baby?

        Do you condone Obama killing people with drones? Do you like the way he’s keeping Guantanamo open? Do you like his spying on Americans?

        Obamacare = fewer full time jobs, longer waits for lower quality healthcare. Not even the unions like Obamacare. It’s projected that we will still have over 30MM people without healthcare.

        Face the facts…this is NOT a President to be proud of at all.

        • Gregor says:

          Those aren’t facts. Those are distortions.

          Bush took a record surplus and turned it into a record deficit. Which means he spent the entire surplus. Plus, he spent America into bankruptcy. Who cuts taxes and declares war? Twice. Who?

          The Affordable Care Act is a gift to the future. Once again, your numbers are rooted in emotion instead of reality.

          Snap out of it, Robert. You’re running out of time. Speaking of numbers, your number’s almost up, pal.

  3. Robert says:

    You are in denial on treasury figures…that’s rather interesting. what are your views and presidential pride concerning:
    BO scandals?
    BO killing people with drones?
    BO keeping Gitmo open?

  4. Babs says:

    There have been no Obama scandals, to the regret of jerks like Robert! The one thing learned from the past decade or so is that the right wing will lie, distort and fabricate and then beat the drums to try and validate their distortions! The American people elected President Obama twice. With just a minimum of bipartisanship this President would have gotten alot more accomplished-stuff we really needed done-like infrastructure repair, jobs programs, etc. Instead we get 41 votes taken to repeal Obamacare, which ain’t happening! I say just read stuff from the likes of Robert and lmfao!!!

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