George Zimmerman: American Hero

Some people are on a need to Know basis. Others are on a need to Nigger basis.

George Zimmerman is one such person. He’s a racist, kid-killing piece of shit. He’ll do it again. As sure as Orenthal James Simpson couldn’t control himself until he ended-up where he knew he belonged, in his heart: getting fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

Guys like George Zimmerman don’t get off the hook and go back to having a normal life, since they never had a normal life to begin with.

Guys like George Zimmerman don’t get off the hook and go back to treating the world around them with decency and respect, since they never understood the meaning of decency and respect to begin with.

Guys like George Zimmerman don’t get off the hook and go back to a life of law and order since they exploit loopholes and seek-out disorder.

George Zimmerman is a hero, in his own eyes. If you take a moment to look at the world through his eyes, you’ll see the panoramic view of a well regulated militia… minus the wellness.

It’s sick. We’re sick. And we’re okay with it.

So quit the outrage, quit the protesting, quit the speechifying and pass the bullets. Stand Your Ground, Baby!

If you’re not armed, you’re not paying attention. If you’re not packing heat, you’re a sitting duck. If you’re not spending your downtime at target practice, you’re allowing denial to supersede paranoia.

It’s unhealthy.

This is America. Land of the Free. Home of the Kid Killers.

If you’re black, with kids, living on the Peninsula of Insanity, currently known as Florida, you’ve abdicated your role as parent. Listen to me, please, listen to me, pack-up your audacity, pack-up your hope, pack-up your kids and leave.

This is America. Land of the Free. Home of the Kid Killers.

There are 31 bloody dots connecting Sandy Hook to Columbine. Gabby Giffords was shot in a store with a name that took the wind out of the sails of irony, “Safeway.” Trayvon Martin was 17-years old when he was shot and killed.

He was a kid. But George Zimmerman didn’t see a kid. Or a black kid. Or a black kid with a pocket full of Skittles. He saw a Nigger. And he shot that Nigger dead.

George Zimmerman is a hero, in his own eyes.

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13 Responses to George Zimmerman: American Hero

  1. Claudia says:

    I have conflicted feelings about the trial’s outcome! As a mother of a teenager it scares me but as a woman who has been victimized and has advocated on behalf of others who have been victims themselves, I can see why he thought it was okay to “defend” himself.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning the killing of this child at all!
    On October 30, 2012, my son and I were on the pink line and we were assaulted and robbed in mid-day. Not one person came to help us, not one. I ran, screaming like a manic after them asking for help, as I ran. No one came to help. As I was running after these two individuals and had adrenaline pumping thru my veins, I stopped and remember that my son was right behind me. I could not go further, it dawned on me if I catch them what I’m going to do?
    Worse yet, what are they going to do to us?
    Needless to say, it has been 9 months since we were assaulted and robbed. I had to take my son to see a therapist because it traumatized him to the point where he did not want to go anywhere at all. And if we did go out he would shake from being so nervous. I had to begged him to take him to the Lego Store, I knew then it was serious if he did not want to go there.
    We were assaulted by two young black boys, I had to work with my son to tell him and make him understand that they just happened to be black but that people who steal or hurt others come in all colors and sizes and economic status.
    I blame it on the fact that we have the right to bear arms and that includes sick individuals such as people who kill children, because they can. As for GZ he thought he was above the law. I really don’t believe that it was a race issue. I don’t think he killed him because he was black. Would there be an absolute outraged it the victim was white?
    I hate that it was a child whether he was black, white, Latino, Asian, and infinite the race thing really should not matter. The fact that a human being lost his life at the hands of a man who thinks he is exerting his 2nd amendment right is what kills me.

    • Steven says:

      you can’t claim self-defense when you follow and harrass somebody especially when you were profiling him based on the way he looks. this hits really home for me cause im married to a beautiful jamaican woman who now refuses to raise our future child in this country. bottom line is now to make things even in states that follow this law is you need to be armed period. How can be conflicted by this. I child that got followed was killed by a very disturbed man, and paid no price. your experience has no parralel to this. HE WAS JUST WALKING HOME..And i do believe people use the race issue to further their agendas, but in this case it was cause he was black. He was profiled..Why else would he look suspicious.. that means anybody can follow you and kill you and claim self defense. How can you operate in a society like that. Little by little we keep accepting all these immoral things whether it be wars for profit, bailing out companies that stole trillions, etc, and as long as your not personally affected its ok. Any protection we had through our bill of rights is gone..The govt has the right to literally assasinate anyone and say we are a terrorist no questions asked no oversight. We are all sitting ducks..So all you can do at this point is arm yourself while we still have that right..

    • Gregor says:

      Zimmerman stalked Trayvon. Zimmerman antagonized Trayvon. Zimmerman killed Trayvon. Zimmerman was tried in a court of faux law. Zimmerman was acquitted, for real.

      This has nothing to do with your personal assault, Claudia. I’m sorry to say. I’ve been attacked a couple times in my life, once on a subway train at night, once on the beach at dawn, both times I was outnumbered, both times with knives.

      A gun would have made a bad situation worse. The temporary win would have haunted me. I don’t want to kill anyone, even a thug.

      You have to learn how to get back up after being knocked down, whether the fight is fair or fixed. Your son will be better for this, long term.

      Your wife is smart, Steven. I wouldn’t want to raise a kid in the states, particularly on the Peninsula of Insanity. You’re lucky to have a woman with a good head on her shoulders.

  2. Andy says:

    No her son won’t be better for this there will always be lingering trauma from the robbery especially at a young age. I’ve been robbed once at gunpoint and I decided NEVER AGAIN will I be victimized at gunpoint. Thank God you survived Claudia but you could have been another statistic, one we read about in the paper every day. No one has the right to stand by and be the victim of rape-you have the absolute right of self defense. Zimmerman is a terrible example of the use of deadly force. The dispatcher told him to stop, he didn’t. He couldn’t hold off a 17 year old kid for 20 seconds until the police arrived? His weapon was overloaded and had HOLLOW POINTS and his injuries were superficial at best. Add to that the prosecution was terrible in making their case and overcharged the bitch. Mark O’mara is the best defense lawyer in the United States. Bad all around.

    • Claudia says:

      Andrew, thank you for understanding my point of view.
      I guess, I do not have a good head on my shoulders because I decided to have a child with the wrong man and raised him in the States.
      As supposed to raising him elsewhere in the world because there in that part of the world there is no crime.
      Also, as for your statement Greg, “You have to learn how to get back up after being knocked down”

      I’m an expert on this so thank you for the free advice.

      No, Passion
      Passion for the lessons
      life has taught me
      Passion for the strength
      I have acquired
      Passion for the growth
      That cancer brought me
      Passion from the abuse
      Endured as a child.
      And the ability to
      No, Passion!

      • Gregor says:

        No advice, Claudia. That’s just how I look at it.

        Personally, I don’t mind being another statistic. I sleep soundly.

        More than anything else, I don’t want to be another gunman. Enough!

        They used to wear hoods. Now they carry concealed.

        In the world of gun owners, Zimmerman isn’t the exception. He’s the rule.

        Oh, and thanks for the poem. That’s a first on this blog.


        • Claudia says:

          You soften my heart, so okay ;)

          • Gregor says:

            I don’t do this so everyone always agrees with me, Claudia. In fact, this time around, I like how you and Andy found common ground.

            When I was lucky enough to be on the radio, I was at my best when I was wrong, or on the ropes, or willing to re-think things.

            Even when I was passionate one week, the very next week, after some time to reflect, I’d start the show in a different place. I loved it when things would criss-cross and suddenly, do-or-die positions would loosen up.

  3. Sunsara says:

    NOT GUILTY!?! This verdict is an outrage, a punch to the gut, a slap in the face. The facts could not be clearer. George Zimmerman saw a Black youth with a hoodie, decided he was “up to no good,” stalked him, confronted him, and shot him through the heart. And, after all that people did to force the authorities to put Zimmerman on trial—the lynching reality of this country remains in effect. The killer walks free. Another Black youth buried.

    The real question of this trial was not murder or “self-defense.” It was whether the Trayvon Martins of this world have a right to survive, flourish, and to get justice if they’re attacked—or whether the Zimmermans of this world have a supposed right to murder them with impunity. The system has given its answer.

    This outrageous verdict of not guilty is an open declaration of placing a target on the backs of a whole generation of Black and Latino youth—under the guise of “letting the system work.” This verdict is the system working, and such a system has been exposed through this trial, and in many, many, many other ways as unjust, a horror and illegitimate.

    Here we are. Those who are telling people that they have to “accept” the verdict are telling us to accept a modern-day lynching…to accept the police gunning-down of Black and Latino youth…to accept the warehousing of 2.2 million people into prisons. Their message is clear: the system can continually enforce oppressive and murderous relations on the people, but the people cannot stand up.

    No! The murder of Trayvon Martin: unacceptable.

    No! The way this trial was conducted: unacceptable.

    No! The verdict of this trial: unacceptable.

    And people have the right to stand up and express their seething anger, which is deeply felt, which has been just below the surface, in many ways.

    This is a moment to express our outrage. A moment to act together against a howling injustice. A moment for all with a sense of justice in their hearts to stand with the people, to condemn this verdict, and let it be known in all kinds of ways: NO MORE. And if people who take to the streets come under attack, they must be supported. Authorities who criminalize and brutalize people cannot be allowed to beat, corral, pepper-spray people or worse for opposing their brutality.

    Enough! The legacy of slavery continues. The legacy of Jim Crow continues. The reality of a New Jim Crow is lived today, and it kills. Youth like Trayvon are murdered by cops and vigilantes who almost never get punished for their crimes. Tens of thousands of youth are put into prisons every year. It is part of an overall program of brutality and suppression that amounts to a slow genocide that is breaking the bodies and crushing the spirits of countless millions of oppressed people. And as the jury delivered its “not guilty” verdict in Florida, 30,000 prisoners in California are engaged in a heroic strike against inhumane and savage conditions of solitary confinement. This is the reality of this system.

    But there is also the reality that Trayvon Martin and youth like him DO NOT have to die or face lives of unending brutality and misery. Any society that does what this country does to oppressed people here and around the world for centuries should not be allowed to continue. A radically different and far better society and world is possible—where the Trayvon Martins and Rachel Jeantels and countless millions like them can flourish, take creative initiative, and contribute everything they have to offer to the whole of society and towards the emancipation of humanity

    This is possible through revolution. A revolution that can end all the horrors this system inflicts on humanity—the oppression of Black people, the degradation faced by women, the wars for empire, the ravaging of the environment and more. This revolution is based on the theory of Bob Avakian. If you want no more of this world and its brutality and misery, get into Bob Avakian’s work. Get with the Party that BA leads, the Revolutionary Communist Party. There is a way out of the madness and oppression.

    The stakes are high. It’s about right and wrong. It’s about the kind of world we want to live in.

  4. Brian David Lupton says:

    30 something man following teenager around in the dark? This doesn’t scream ‘neighbourhood watch’ to me…. it screams PEDOPHILE. Grown men without badges don’t get to stalk teens, harass them or even ask them questions. If my 16 year old nephew was accosted by some twat who claimed to be the neighbourhood watch I’d hope he’d knee the fucker and then kick his teeth in. But I live in Canada and the twat wouldn’t have a gun, not legally anyhow.
    I’m not claiming this particular twat was a pedophile, but how was Trayvon to know what he was. He was a grown ass man stalking a teenage boy at night. Did he show Trayvon his N.W. I.D. card? Every teenager has seen their friends I.D. that say’s they’re 21 (19 here in Ontario)… they’re not impressed by credentials that can be made on a laptop using Paint.
    Zimmerman is a murderer… not legally, but morally that is what he is. I hope he enjoys the rest of his life living in total fear. I don’t want anyone to kill him. That would be a waste of that person’s life. I would like to hope that every person of colour he encounters would just stare at him for about ten seconds too long, while muttering under their breath perhaps. There aren’t enough meds for the kind of anxiety he’ll be living with.
    Oh and Greg perhaps you could answer me a question I’ve had since I seen juror 37′s interview. How is it that the jury got to see a videotape of Zimmerman describing his version of events without Zimmerman having to testify and be cross examined by the prosecutor? That seems patently unfair. Victims of crime don’t get to bypass the ordeal of being cross examined on their statements of events. It’s seems like bad law and since Florida seems to be the state of bad laws I shouldn’t be surprised, but I thought trial rules were pretty much country wide. Granted my knowledge of your legal system is largely due to 20 some odd years of watching L&O.
    Anyhow, I always enjoy reading your stuff. Rage on.

  5. kay says:

    Enjoy your blog :)

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