Pitch Man, KitchenAid

I want to be the pitch man for KitchenAid.

At Joey Brickhouse, every week, we made a few hundred pounds of pasta. I nearly purchased a 10k commercial pasta machine. Until I dusted-off mom’s KitchenAid.

I nearly purchased a 5k ice cream machine. Until I got a $30.00 KithenAid ice cream attachment. Within a month, I was making gallons of homemade ice cream, gelato and Italian Ice.

Making whip cream is the 1st step in one of the easiest desserts ever: mousse.

Whip egg whites stiff and you have the 1st step in soufflé cake.

86 Pink Slime  

Grind your own meat…Nuff said!

The difference between a great pizza and an average pizza is in the ingredients.

High quality Italian Virgin Olive Oil, high gluten bread flour, water from kalamata olive barrels, fresh yeast.

And, of course, fresh grated Parmesan Reggiano.

Throw green & yellow squash through a KitchenAid slicer attachment, toss with Italian Virgin Olive Oil, sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper, kosher salt and sauté.  The cuts are clean and equal in size. The result it simple, colorful and perfect.

Remember, people eat with their eyes, so the more colorful, the more yummier.

The More Yummierest.

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One Response to Pitch Man, KitchenAid

  1. Mary Bratti says:

    I absolutly love this machine. It does anything and everything. Also makes the best whipped mashed potatoes!

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