Funded by a public-private-partnership, Let’s Move aims to get 50,000 schools across the United States behind the idea of kids getting off their fannies, for at least 1-hour of physical activity, per day.

Michelle Obama asked her hubby to dish out $150 Million to fight childhood obesity. By the way, when a woman asks her hubby, we all know what it really means: she tells her hubby.

I want a cut.

Let’s feed them right, Michelle.

Organic is a cost scam. GMO’s are what Superman ate on Krypton.

He flies.

Can you fly?


Feed the kids what they want: chicken fingers. But get chicken tenders, not chicken-garbage, pressed together with salt & seaweed.

Dust the chicken tenders in Wondra Flour. It’s easier to digest. Fry in Clean Canola.

After Olive Oil, Canola is the next highest in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

86 Powdered, Processed, Food Dyed Cheese Dust

Make a cheese sauce with a local hormone & steroid free cheese, unsalted butter & whole milk.

Cheesy Noodles, or as I like to call them, Choodles, are a kid favorite. They’re also a great source of lean protein.

Trust me on this, parents, farm-to-school partnerships are realistic.

Trust me on this, Madame First Lady, you get them to move and I’ll get them to eat right.

“Ask” your husband to get behind this.

Recipe: Cheesy Noodles (great side for family dinner or your kids lunchbox)

1. Cook 1# of noodles in water salted like the ocean water

2. Toss noodles in a few drops of olive oil, sprinkle of fresh grated parmesan and set aside

3. Warm ½ gallon of whole or 2% milk

4. Slowly whisk in ½ # butter and 2#s American cheese

5. Let simmer 10 minutes

6. Whisk in a 1t cornstarch slurry

7. Toss noodles with ½ of sauce and save remainder for the next batch

8.  I suggest you serve it with a bone in porterhouse and grilled asparagus, portabellas, Vidalia’s and 3-color bells

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2 Responses to CHOODLES

  1. Steph Degodny says:

    Hallelujah and Amen!

  2. Walnut says:

    But they taste the best when Joey makes them for you!

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