Thank You, Facebook

Never thought I’d say this about Facebook, but this week, I was moved.

As red equal signs began taking the place of profile pictures of more and more of my Facebook Friends, on the eve of a decision before the Supreme Court on Marriage Equality, it was moving to see people who I never would’ve expected get involved.

And take a side.

I didn’t change my picture. At this point, I’m pretty sure everyone knows how I feel, almost to the point of being annoying. Alright, long past the point of being annoying.

I’m annoying. Sorry.

The more I read about it, the clearer it becomes, Antonin Scalia wanted this decision before the Supreme Court. Not to set the record straight, or get on the right side of history. But to get his last dig in.

Antonin Scalia is a sad man. Antonin Scalia is a sad, fat man. I’ve never seen so much insecurity on display. It’s baffling.

You’d think achieving the highest of high, within a chosen profession, would generate goodwill. You’d think being the final say would put to rest any issues left floating around from an insecure childhood. You’d think ruling on behalf of equality would be a judicial no brainer.

Too bad thinking isn’t in the job description.

Can’t stop thinking about all those kids, out there, struggling to fit in. When you’re a kid, fitting is the highest of high. No kid wants to feel like an outsider. Certainly, no kid wants to feel like their heart is questionable because of a desire labeled “icky” by a judge labeled “supreme.”

It’s hard enough being a kid. Being a gay kid is the hardest of hard.

Thank you, Facebook. Just when I thought you were a complete waste of time, you turn around and break my heart. As I watched red equal signs overtake my Newsfeed, all I could do was tape together my broken heart, with duct tape. All I could do was think of Matthew Shepard, trying to imagine what the world must have looked like, through his eyes.

All I could do was wink at the future, a merciful future Antonin Scalia has no control over, despite his cruel gavel and incredibly small penis.


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