I am sick and tired of hearing the words ‘Gun Control’ and ‘Background Checks’ in the same sentence. Background Checking does not help us control our gun problem.

Our gun problem can only be controlled by ‘Gun Registration,’ plain and simple.

Banning assault weapons and large capacity clips also will not help us with our gun problem. There are too many assault weapons or large capacity clips on the street already. Banning them will only increase the value of the existing supply. So why are politicians debating the issue when anybody with half a brain knows we are not ready for real gun control and it might take a constitutional amendment to fix the problem?

Nobody said Democrats were clever.

The Right will fight any changes in the face of any opinion polls that say most folks want some changes because they think it will help them more than hurt them in their next election. The Left tries to move the debate forward because they are real stupid when it comes to understanding there are issues that will not move forward but will hurt them in the next election.

I call them lame issues. Kind of like closing Gitmo, authority for using Drones to kill citizens, passing Card Check for Unions and controlling guns with Background Checks.

We have something in the neighborhood of 300 Million Guns on the street and nobody knows where they are or who owns them. According to gun guys, it is our constitutional right to own these guns and it is also our right to own them anonymously. The second amendment talks about guns and militias in such a way that nobody knows how SCOTUS will rule on any serious gun control.

So we register cars and require insurance but an assault weapon in Arizona can be carried anywhere and carried concealed. Any gun owner can sell or give their gun to a bad guy who causes damage to a good guy with no recourse for the victim. 

If somebody uses my car and causes damage…problem. If somebody uses my gun and causes damage…no problem. What a country.

Serious gun guys also have a fear of the Government taking their guns away and that is why they will not register their guns. They will tell you that is how Hitler was able to kill all the Jews.

Really! Oh yes! They will play that card!

Truth is, if the Jews had guns and they had tried to fight with the Germans, they probably would have died sooner. Hitler would have had a reason the kill them because they were waging war against the government. Please do not try and reason with the serious gun guys on this issue. It’s like arguing with a 5 year old.

To be Brutal, to be Frank, we just are not ready for real gun control and the only way to win the war against guns is to make it a winning issue on the ground at election time. This just happened in Chicago, where Megyn Kelly beat Debbie Halvorson, thanks to Mayor Bloomberg and his money.

President Obama stayed away from the gun issue for four years and he got re-elected.

All Democrats please stay away from this issue unless you can win an election supporting gun control. Don’t give the Right an easy win. We have bigger fish to fry.

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14 Responses to CONTROL

  1. Andy says:

    “Really! Oh yes! They will play that card! Truth is, if the Jews had guns and they had tried to fight with the Germans, they probably would have died sooner. Hitler would have had a reason the kill them because they were waging war against the government. Please do not try and reason with the serious gun guys on this issue. It’s like arguing with a 5 year old.”

    Everyone who reads this blog, re-read the above statement written by Frankie. I was eating my Chinese Lunch and almost choked on my fucking eggroll.

    Here’s Frankie’s Logic: Jews of Germany, don’t defend yourselves against the SS with your rifles and pistols because then you will be at war with Germany and Hitler will have “reason” to kill you faster.

    Instead, peaceably surrender to the Nazis and have all your shit confiscated, heads shaved, gold taken out of your teeth, mothers and their children seperated, women raped, be worked 18-hours a day (without food or pay) and then if you’re not dead from malnutrition or disease, you’re gassed to death at Auschwitz.


    Hitler was already at war with the Jews. Sure, the outcome might have been similar, even with an armed Jewry, but maybe more people could have escaped Poland. Or at least fired a shot at the enemy.

  2. Gregor says:

    For anyone thinking the Jews of Germany could have armed themselves and fought back, I ask you to ponder these 3-words: Christopher Jordan Dorner.

    He listed grievances. Armed himself. And rose-up against a government he perceived as tyrannical. How did that work out?

    Say what you want about Hugo Chavez. At least he defied orders, when he was a soldier, to shoot and kill civilians who were protesting on the streets of Venezuela.

    The Nazi Guards were blindly following orders, like any guard in America who walks a convict to the electric chair, blindly following orders, even though it’s a crime against humanity.

    Government sanctioned murder is still murder.

    Never understood why the Jews stuck around in Poland and Germany. They clearly weren’t wanted. I get it: leaving is hard. But my Dad always taught me this: you never want to be anywhere you’re not wanted.

    In jobs, in relationships, maybe even one day in America. You have to keep your head up, if for no other reason than to notice when it’s your cue to move on.

    Nothing is permanent. And guns only make things worse, way worse.

    • bf says:

      I warned you debating gun control with a gun guy that thinks guns are his safeguard against Gov intrusion is like arguing with a 5 year old.

  3. Andy says:

    I have the afternoon off so I’ll respond:

    1) Christopher Jordan Dorner was a disgusting murderer. He’s not a hero as you like to portray him just a low down evil scumbag. He could’ve done 100 other things to fight police brutality from inside the force. The man just wanted his 3 days of TMZ fame and he got it.

    2) Revolutions are not one jerkoff going batshit. One person or 100 or even 10,000 people listing greivances and rising will be crushed. You need a mass movement- soldiers to recruit other soldiers policeman to recruit other policeman you need to hack into the colleges and high schools win the hearts and minds of your countrymen and raise an army big enough to take the whole fucking thing back by force or have enough guys on the inside to swing open the gates when the time is right.

    3) Hugo cut poverty by 50% and extreme poverty by 70%, a fact I can’t deny it. But as usual with every other communist degenerate (Castro ect.) their ego gets in the way and it becomes all about them and their power. Starts off good then goes to shit. Also Hugo blamed the US for everything, thought 9-11 was an inside job and that the moon landings were faked. Did some good for his people but still anti-American scum. Good riddance.

    4) Yep the guard walking the poor innocent man to the lethal injection chamber is to blame. No mention of the husband who came home to his wife and three children brutually murdered by some degenerate animal. Typical liberal horseshit you act as if people on death row did nothing to put themselves there and have no compassion for the victims or their families.


    My little hero she’s going viral. A communist rapist wouldn’t last 10 seconds in her house! Thank God for the 2nd!

    • Gregor says:

      1) How easily you accept the media spin of a so-called “low down evil scumbag.”

      2) When you say, “Take Back,” here’s what you mean: take us back to segregation, take us back to women as property, take us back to slavery, take us back to Trickle Down Golden Showers, take us back to Tax Cut Warfare designed to Bankrupt America, take us back to a white president. Seriously!

      3) I don’t know enough about Hugo Chavez. But I thought his 2006 speech at The U.N. was gutsy.

      4) Murder is Murder. I expect The Law to protect me from my worst impulses. And if someone brought harm onto someone I loved, I’d need The Law to protect me from myself.

      5) I’ll check out your link. Even though, I get the feeling it’ll by typical 8-Andy Bang-Bang Shoot-Shoot Rah-Rah!

  4. VinEnEm says:

    I saw the video. I would be much more impressed if “daddy” had trained his little girl to master tennis, basketball, the paino or a soccer ball. A kid always trys to please a parent, even if the parent is an idiot.

    Andy, I understand your shortcomings, and I can help you out. The Republicans you back only pretend to be for people like you. They are only interested in money and they get that from enormous corporations. The laws they make have nothing to do with right and wrong, just what makes more money or grants more power to corporations. To aid your cause, rather than looking for a revolution, vote Dem.

  5. Babs says:

    I wonder if Andy ever wonders who the NRA and Wayne LaPierre are the front men for. Probably not as Andy has no curiosity about life outside the bubble! Every time there’s a mass shooting the gun manufacturers make mucho dinero! And Wayne comes out with crazy talk to get the attention off the true “evil doers.” It’s about time we the people knew who are the owners of all the companies that make guns, and about time we didn’t allow guns to be imported. And it’s about time that guns were registered just like cars, and gun owners have to take out insurance on their weapons just like we have to take out insurance on our cars! If your really so damn worried about the gov’t taking your guns, get the hell out and go to a country that you can “Trust.”

    • bf says:

      Thanks Babs for getting the debate back to guns and the harm they do. That was the purpose of my blog not a debate over history and why guns are important.

  6. Steven says:

    Here is an article my wife sent me about Hugo Chavez.

    Pretty Impressive.

    Andy says it became all about “power and himself.” Well, that’s about every politician. But at least Chavez did something.

    And, of course, anybody that has oil, and tries to keep their own country’s money, and give some back to the people, we’re told to hate. And we try to overthrow them.

    Chavez thought the CIA had weaponized cancer. He thought 911 was an inside job. So at least, for me, these are plusses.

  7. Tom says:

    We are fortunate here in Iowa to have 99 county Sheriffs wo are all dedicated to the Second Amendment.

  8. Babs says:

    Whatever that means! Does that mean clips that can kill 20 unarmed kids in less than a minute or 20 sheriffs armed with a hand gun against Lanza and his mulitple assualt weapons and clips? Dead Sheriffs!!

  9. WN says:

    The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this 1.

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