Zombie Land USA

Watching Rihanna’s performance at the Grammys made me happy she was going home with Chris Brown.

I’m craving the pain of unrelenting public abuse. I need a fix. I need something banal to go horrendously bad.

It’s the gift of Reality TV, which has made life infinitely better by transforming the most tedious of formality into a Shit Show.

Did you see John McCain browbeat Chuck Hagel at his Must See Reality TV Confirmation Hearing?


Confirmation Hearings for Defense Secretary have been gleefully transformed into “Survivor Washington DC.”

Chris Brown could stand to take some lessons from John McCain. Especially when it comes to browbeating your bitch.

Chuck Hagel is John McCain’s bitch.

There was a time, 2006, to be exact, when John McCain, a candidate for president, praised Chuck Hagel as the kind of man he’d be honored to have in his white house, “In Any Capacity,” or more specifically, “Secretary of State.”


Somewhere between the false accusations of fathering an out of wedlock black child and the undeniable reality of losing the white house to a black man, John McCain snapped.

He could survive the Hanoi Hilton, where he was physically tortured in a 6-by-3 foot cell. But he couldn’t survive the emotional torture of being upstaged in the light of day.

Dark: good. Light: bad.

This all makes for great ratings, but a terrible life. John McCain needs to resign from the Senate. And get a life.

He’s running out of time. It might be too late. From the looks of him, John McCain is already dead; he just doesn’t know he’s already dead.

Zombie John McCain is wandering blindly through the Media Bloodbath, moaning into very small microphones, in 5-minute increments.

He needs blood. So do we. We need blood.

What else are we supposed to do? It’s taking too long. We need another school shooting. We need to bow our heads. We need an offering of thoughts and prayers.

Otherwise, for the love of God, someone tell RiRi to piss-off Chris Brown.

I’m bored. I need blood.

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8 Responses to Zombie Land USA

  1. Vince says:

    Reality TV is on every fucking station. It’s a way of making all of us feel better about our pathetic lives. We get the feeling, over an over, click after click, “at least I’m better than them.”

    I think one day Reality TV will be found to be the ultimate propaganda that was created by a government to keep its citizens calm as they were methodically turned into broke and starving people. Maybe Andy is right and taking away the guns is also part of the plan, so that when we finally snap out of it, and we are fighting mad, we have nothing to fight with.

  2. Vince says:

    One more thought: I am finding this to be a very strange time when Carl Rove and Dick Cheney are now Moderate Republicans, who are shunned by the far right.

    • Gregor says:

      I don’t think they’re Moderate Republicans. I think they’re Psychotic War Criminals, running off their mouths on National Television, attracting attention, the way OJ Simpson kept committing petty crimes, attracting attention, until he was held accountable.

      I’m becoming aware of what an important player Elizabeth Warren will become in helping those in government finally realize their dominant role, coming out of TARP and WMD’s, is to get to the bottom of how it happened by holding those who stole and lied accountable.

      It’s not Chuck Hagel. It’s not John Brennan. Those are patsies, to keep us from browbeating bankers, AIG Executives and members of the Bush Administration who are guilty of International War Crimes.

      The Truth is the Truth is the Truth.

  3. Andy says:

    Take a wild guess why Hagel’s nomination is being held up. Anyone anyone?

  4. Babs says:

    Does it matter? It’s all political theatre. It’s getting so old! And one party will pay in 2014.

  5. Andy says:


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