Oscar Matters. Oscars Matters A Lot.

Django reclaimed the western. We finally got a hero besides Clint Eastwood. Don’t get me wrong; Unforgiven will always be the trademark of Clint Eastwood, but more for the chair than the movie.

The best part of Les Miserables is watching Anne Hathaway die. Between her exhausting string of acceptance speeches at awards shows this year, and abysmal hosting duties at last year’s Oscars, it was cathartic to sit in a dark theater and watch that bitch die.

Silver Linings Playbook is precious, right up there with Tender Mercies, Shawshank Redemption and Pretty Woman. I don’t even like Pretty Woman all that much. But my dad loves Pretty Woman. My dad looooves Pretty Woman, especially Julia Roberts.

We once saw Julia Roberts in a restaurant in New York City. I walked quickly past her table, trying to be coy, giving Miss Roberts the respect of pretending I didn’t notice her. But my dad slowed down, literally stopping to point. Looking back, I wish I had, too.

Beasts of the Southern Wild is the silly string your 5-year old daughter gave you for Christmas. You didn’t realize how much you wanted it until you unwrapped it. And by the way, the clunky job of wrapping the gift only made the gift more precious.

Amour is so Fucking French, you want to scream, “Ok, we get it, you’re Fucking French!” It’s not fun. It’s not easy to watch. If you recommend it to friends, you’re a sadist. But I will say, having endured this film (it’s not a movie, it’s a film), the decision at the end underscores the deepest level of Amour.

Seth MacFarlane is a genius. I’ve never been a fan of his TV-Show, The Family Guy. But he won me over when he took-on hosting duties for The Roast of David Hasselhoff.

Seth MacFarlane is the antidote for Ann Hathaway. That said, he still won’t be as funny as Ricky Gervais. No one will ever be allowed to be as funny as Ricky Gervais, even Ricky Gervais, who looked neutered the 2nd time he hosted The Golden Globes.

Is there anything else? Oh yeah, Lincoln, which I loved, but I loved this movie the same way my brother loves Da Bulls.

I get-off on politics. Joey gets-off on sports. They’re both dumb games where the players get paid too much money and end-up overdosing on attention. But when D.Rose returns to the court, it’ll be divine in much the same way it was divine to behold “Honest Abe,” as if his nickname were given to him out of irony, watching him finagle and horse trade and cajole to end slavery by ensuring passage of the 13th Amendment. Turns out, political bravery, and the surest sign you’ve stepped squarely into manhood, is only revealed in the truth behind the scenes, where caring isn’t celebrated, unless you slow down, sloooow down, literally stopping to point.

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8 Responses to Oscar Matters. Oscars Matters A Lot.

  1. Steven says:

    I like writing when I agree with you.

    I saw Silver Linings and was expecting a good movie, but it really moved me. Anybody who has been in relationships that are challenging, or with people that are not “normal,” would appreciate this.

    It made me sad about my past and made me realize things about my current relationship. I found myself drifting-off into my own thoughts in this movie, maybe too much.

    When you are in love, and things are great, there is nothing better. At least in my life, that has been fleeting..

    I am lucky enough, at least at this very moment, to feel that way.

    • Gregor says:

      It’s definitely more fun to have you agree with me. Note to self: It’s more fun to get along than to get into political cat-fights about things we cannot control anyway.

      Hmmm, maybe I’m having an epiphany. Maybe not.

      Silver Linings Playbook is the best move of the year, maybe even the best movie I’ve seen in my adult life: funny, moving, emotional, it challenged my assumptions about what it is to be “normal,” it re-awakened a desire in my life to dance a silly dance.

      Mom doesn’t think it will win. She broke things down for me politically (yes, even The Oscars is political). Apparently, Silver Linings Playbook is perceived as a “black comedy,” and that doesn’t resonate well with the fifty-plus white male Oscar voter. In which case, things look good for Argo. But I don’t care. I don’t go to the movies to win. I go to the movies to remember what it’s like to have feelings.

      Keeping my heart on my sleeve for Silver Linings Playbook.

  2. Babs says:

    if I belonged to the Oscar Voters:
    Best Movie Silver Linings Playbook
    Actor Bradley Cooper
    Actress Jenifer Lawrence
    Supporting Actress ?
    Supporting Actor DeNiro
    The rest who cares?

    Probably I am wrong on all counts-but it’s fun to watch-especially if you tape it and can run trhough the 4 hour borefest in less than an hour!!

    • Gregor says:

      I like the pageantry. I like the bravado. Most of all, I like yelling at the TV, when the pretentiousness overwhelms me, and I can’t take it anymore.

      Jamie Foxx is my kind of movie star, hanging out with his daughter on the Red Carpet.

  3. Andy says:

    I like reading this blog and not knowing 95% of the actors names or that the Oscars were even on tonight. Gives me a great sense of pride. Besides the best movies are ALWAYS independent films. These films budgeted at 50 million dollars with the leading role collecting 20 million for six weeks of ‘work’ and come to find out the actor/actress has an attittude on set. Makes me want to vomit. Here’s a great independent film watch it as soon as your able Little Children with Kate Winslet Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Connelly. A woman directed this film and she’s a bad mother fucker! Didn’t get much media but a great film. Also check out Max with John Cusack.

    • Gregor says:

      Going to see The Gatekeepers sometime this week. It came out on Friday. Hope you see it, too. I’d love to hear what you think about it.

  4. Babs says:

    Well, at least one of my picks won. Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook. A wonderful life affirming family story that gives hope that there is a life out there even if you have problems and who and what family doesn’t? Love, loved that movie! But this year all the movies were terrific! And so was Seth McFarland.

    • Gregor says:

      I loved, Loved, LOVED Seth MacFarlane. He created a timeless space of judgmental comedy feeding itself until we literally choked on judgments. The closing number with Kristin Chenoweth during the credits is one for the ages…

      Here’s To The Losers!

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