Constant State Of Crisis

The Law of Diminishing Returns has kicked-in. We no longer believe The Speaker of the House when he speaks. We no longer care.

We’ve been living in a constant state of crisis, since George W. Bush duped 5 arrogant know-it-alls by playing the arrogant know-it-all card, “My Daddy Put You On The Forever Guaranteed Job Bench, So Gimme The Keys To The Liquor Cabinet On Air Force One.”

The Dot Com Bubble burst. We were attacked.

We declared War on Afghanistan. Vice President Cheney sold the American People a mushroom cloud on Meet The Press to justify declaring a simultaneous 2nd War with Iraq.

We cut taxes to fund both Wars. We squandered the surplus. We bankrupted the country. It’s the Post Millennium, Me-Me-Me, Shittiest Generation’s interpretation of “Shared Sacrifice.”

We tortured Gay Men & Women by threatening an Amendment to the Constitution taking away their right to marry, institutionalizing 2nd Class Love, as if Love isn’t Love.

In a related story, Waterboarding isn’t “Torture,” it’s “Enhanced Interrogation.”

We let bankers shove the world financial markets over the Fiscal Cliff. We perfected the art of clever lying by re-packaging bad investment as “Troubled Assets.” Where bankers gleefully handed homeowners pink slips, the American People graciously turned around and offered bankers relief.

There was Zero Accountability instead of Zero Tolerance. Too Big To Fail has become Too Big For Trial. Unless you’re poor, then getting fucked has been polished and re-named “Austerity.”

The Tea Party spent the 1st term of our 1st black president demanding Barack Hussein Obama’s long form birth certificate, when for real; we should have demanded Dubya’s long form IQ Test.

We were sold The Sequester. Now The Sequester is being unsold.

Meanwhile, in a country far, far away, that’s not really a country, Benedict, The Nazi Pope, has immunity from prosecution, even though he’s guilty of the unholiest of sins, harboring icky monsters.

I called God to see what he thought. But he was too busy not existing.

It begs the question: what are we going to do about it? Tune-in for another season of photo-op addicts giving speeches at podiums, tune-in for another season of the lowest rated show in television history, “Make Believe Outrage,” or tune-in for another fun-filled season of “Walking Dead School Children” on Twisted Reality TV.

I need to take a Post Millennium Acting Class in pretending how to care.

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5 Responses to Constant State Of Crisis

  1. VinEnEm says:

    The wars were never paid for and still haven’t been. But that Iraqi oil should start filling our country’s coffers with billions soon, right?

  2. Ghost of Albert Pike says:

    A free people, forgetting that it has a soul to be cared for, devotes all its energies to its material advancement. If it makes war, it is to subserve its commercial interests. The citizens copy after the State, and regard wealth, pomp, and luxury as the great goods of life. Such a nation creates wealth rapidly, and distributes it badly. Thence the two extremes, of monstrous opulence and monstrous misery; all the enjoyment to a few, all the privations to the rest, that is to say, to the people.

  3. Nikki says:

    You’ve got a great blog here. Well done, congratulations.

  4. r4 says:

    Like your web site. But you have to check the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome, to tell the truth. Then again, I will certainly come back.

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