Bullets Over Blade Runner

Dad thinks the reason Blade Runner killed his girlfriend is simple: Guns. I think it’s more complex: Steroids and Guns. Steven thinks it’s way more complex: Guns, Steroids, Habeas Corpus, Alien Abductions and the Magna Carta.

What’s the world coming to? Apparently, besides shooting a bitch when you don’t want to fuck her anymore, it’s suddenly frowned upon to slap the shit out of crying children on airplanes.

Here are the 3 main jobs of the men & women who serve tiny drinks on airplanes…

1) serve tiny drinks to big, fat alcoholics

2) wake us up from a deep sleep to make a bullshit fuss about upright seats 

3) slap the shit out of crying children when the parents have clearly abdicated their parenting role

It’s thankless work, even at 30,000 feet. Hey, no one gets thanked for their work, not anymore, not even The Pope, which is why he’s quitting. Turns out, Benedict is tired of being taken for granted by his imaginary friend.

Nothing’s real, not anymore, not even the deficit.

When a dumb president declares 2 dumb wars, and funds those wars with tax cuts, it’s surreal how fast you can turn record surpluses into insurmountable debt. I’m tired of hearing about raising taxes on the wealthy. How about raising taxes on everyone?!!

Otherwise, we’ve abdicated our role as grown ups. Shoot us. Slap us. Wake us the fuck up. Even the Aliens have lost interest in abduction.

They don’t get-off on anally probing spoiled brats.

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4 Responses to Bullets Over Blade Runner

  1. Vince says:

    A very dear friend has a 22 year old son, Alex. My friend and his two sons all have concealed permits. They grew up in a very gun aware household. Them kids learned to shoot at 6. Last night, Alex and his cousin Danny, while unloading shrimp (friend had a wholesale shrimp business) were shot and robbed. Danny died at the scene. Alex is critical.

  2. Steven says:

    I did not relate habeas corpus to guns. I did to the fact that it is now stated law that the president can kill anyone just because. If you are ok with that then fine.

    All governments would rather be the only ones who have guns. Just like a mafia or gang would rather be the only mafia or gang that had guns. The first thing Hitler did was to ban guns.

    You know why we were able to slaughter millions of Indians and enslave millions of African Americans , and Britain slaughter a million people in one day in India? GUNS.

    After the girl in India got raped, and brutally murdered, by 5-thugs, because she was on a bus with a man who was not her husband, over 60000 thousand women applied for gun visas.

    Gandhi in his autobiography said that British not allowing The Indian People to possess firearms will go down as the blackest event in the occupation. Do you see The Palestinian Children throwing rocks at The Israeli Soldiers? Why do you think we do not want Iran to get a nuke? Because they’re crazy?

    Last time I checked, Iran has never invaded another country in its history. What’s next?

    We are going to make a law that only bullies in school can use their fists because when somebody stands-up to them, it causes violence in school. Aaron Swartz said Information Is Power. And like all power, there are some who want to keep it for themselves. Well, power is power, and for some, they want to keep it for themselves as long as they can.

    BTW Aaron Swartz did speak out against Obama’s Kill List.

  3. Gregor says:

    We are at war. I’m not a fan of being at war. Especially when we’re taken to war based on a lie. To be honest, all wars are waged upon a lie. Lincoln wasn’t really waging war to preserve The Union. He used it as a mislead, to end slavery. So who knows? Not me.

    Clearly you know, Steven. I don’t know shit. Never have. Never will.

    But if you think overthrowing a government is as easy as arming yourself, based upon some outdated amendment, I suggest taking a look at how that worked out for Christopher Jordan Dorner.

    As for Blade Runner, I’m amazed by how quickly everyone rushed to judgment. Let’s leave the sprinting to sprinters. The rest of us need to learn how to back-off, and let the facts present themselves, before we let The Media poison us with an outcome which would best serve their ratings.

    Gotta run! I have a date with Alien Abduction.

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