It All Adds Up To Hope

Yes. Yes. And no.

No matter what the questions may be, these will always be the answers, in a Brutally Frank World. Case in point, here are today’s questions.

Did I know President Barack Hussein Obama would be a 2-term president? Yes. Did President Barack Hussein Obama win? Yes. Did Willard Mitt Romney even come close? And no.

For over 2-years, my wife, otherwise known as Babs, has been pounding away at me (and not in the pleasurable sense of pounding away), for my insistence in saying that not only would Hussein win (I call him Hussein to aggravate My Right Leaning Buddies), but Hussein would win in a landslide.

Why did Hussein win? Why did Willard get shalacked? Why did I think, in all probability, this would be the outcome? The key word is “probability.”

I’m a numbers guy.

My graduate work at NYU was in Operations Research, which is the art of analyzing numbers to arrive at conclusions. In my world, everything happens based on probability. In my world, nothing happens because of the influence of God.

Sorry, God.

The best number crunchers are in Vegas, so it’s the best place to look for answers. In Vegas, the odds had Hussein at 87%. You heard it right (as in correct). I said 87%.

Looking back to the election of 2000, Vegas had the odds at even money. In 2004, Vegas had the election slightly favoring Dubya. In 2008, Vegas would not take bets. Why? Here’s why: McBush was a loser.

Those are the numbers. I rest my case.

Just before the election, when I went racing, My Right Leaning Buddies were silent. The silence was deafening. When I tried to engage, the answers were short. When I tried to engage over drinks, the answers were slurred and defensive. I did not feel the love for Willard.

They were quick to tell me how big Willard was going to win. But they were slow to back-up their words with cash. In Vegas, it’s called a “Sure Tell.”

I left the racing event without a single bet. This hadn’t happened since the election of 2000, when I started racing with My Right Leaning Buddies.

Going into the election of 2012, I liked the numbers. Hey, I’m a numbers guy.

Hussein won because he did nothing wrong. In fact, it’s been 4-years of Hussein doing nothing wrong. I know we’ve been told, over and over and over again, by our Right Leaning Buddies, about all of the dumb, stupid stuff he’s done wrong since getting into office. We’ve been told, over and over and over again, how he’s “In Over His Head.” We’ve been told, over and over and over again, how he’s “Bankrupting America.” The rhetoric didn’t play well in Peoria.

If you say something, over and over and over again, people will believe you, no matter how big the lie. Not!

Hussein spent us out of a Depression, kept us Safe, gave us a start at Health Care Reform, ended our Wars and headed America in the right (as in correct) direction. Going into the election of 2012, Hussein’s favorability ratings were higher than when he took-out bin Laden. Since he was 1st elected president, Hussein did nothing wrong. How do I know for sure?

Numbers don’t lie: Hussein 332, Willard 203. I rest my case.

Willard lost the election. Let me start with Romneycare. Hello, McWillard, anybody home? Do you really think you can be the father of something and then bash it? Do you really think we’re all so stupid?

You’re a Mormon. Yet you spoke-out against Mormon Values. Thus, you lost a good percentage of the Mormon Vote.

You believed “The Experts.” You ran so far to the right during The Primaries, you couldn’t complete the trip back to the middle in time for The General.

You so conflicted yourself during this campaign, Willard, you lost sight of where you stood.

Truth is, you never saw a conviction you couldn’t run away from. You only knew how to make money as a corporate raider, which isn’t a conviction, it’s an elaborate scheme for privileged insiders. So in that sense, you’re a True Mormon.

To be Brutal, to be Frank, Babs misunderestimated Hussein.

He’s a community organizer, in other words, a master of getting out the vote. Did you really think he was going to let Karl Rove steal this election by throwing an 11th hour tantrum on Fox?

President Barack Hussein Obama won. He did nothing wrong during his 1st term. He did everything right during his campaign for a 2nd term. In all probability, he will go down in history…

Best. President. Ever.

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7 Responses to It All Adds Up To Hope

  1. Babs says:

    I’m not sure if I under estimated the Prez or over estimated the other side. I was a nervous wreck and now I’m a happy camper! I hope for our countries sake we get going on some of the stuff that will get us back to acting like adults and doing what’s good for ALL of us! I believe the President knows what he has to do and will begin to do it. It won’t be easy, but it will be the start we all (most of us) want. Good luck, Mr. President!

  2. Babs says:

    takes on to know one!

    • Gregor says:

      I’m a non-practicing optimist. We’re different. I try. And very often, fall on my face. But I get back up. And try again.

      You snap-judge, then go about every means of finding evidence to reinforce your initial judgment.

      It’s also easier to nay-say. When you’re right, you get to say, “There. I told you so.” When you’re wrong, you get what you secretly wanted anyway.

      I get it. Being vulnerable isn’t always fun. But I’ve found, over the years, that being right (as in correct) is overrated.

  3. Bob Verhasselt says:

    Frankie, none of us would take your wager since you have a bad habit of welching on bets.

    You still owe Scotty a bottle of Makers Mark, me a case of Bud from that time your racer almost killed me and Rob your Corvette.

    Tell greg’s readers the whole story.

    PS Good luck getting the $$$ to pay for all the shit your Muslim Messiah promised. That might be harder than getting you to pay off.

    • BF says:

      Bobby V … You read my blog and all you comment on is the betting. Okay, tell me a bet I lost since 2000.
      I can remember one you lost. Birther will affect presidency. Remember that one. Actually, maybe it did affect the Presidency … It helped Hussein win.

  4. dog says:

    nice post. bookmarked it.

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