Arrest Travis Hawkins, Junior And Senior

This is a picture of Mallory Owens with her girlfriend. Mallory Owens is the girl with the with short spiky hair, and beautiful face, on the left. She was invited to join her girlfriend’s family for Thanksgiving Dinner in Mobile, Alabama.

I should let you know, the images you’re about to see are not disturbing. They’re important. They need to be seen, digested and processed. This is what makes them important instead of disturbing.

Disturbing images are on the cover of People Magazine, Vanity Fair, TMZ, where narcissism and shamelessness are treated like commodities and freedom of the press has been reduced to a loophole exploited by criminals we don’t call criminals but instead we call the paparazzi.

At Thanksgiving Dinner, in front of her girlfriend’s family, Mallory Owens was beaten beyond recognition by Travis Hawkins Jr, which means there’s a Travis Hawkins Sr, who stood by, letting it happen.

We point at terrorists. We point at The Taliban. We point at far away places, where extremists are celebrated for doing the unthinkable, like shooting Malala Yousafzai in the head because she was curious, and in Pakistan, it’s a crime to be a girl who’s curious.

Mallory Owens wasn’t curious. She knew exactly what she was: Gay. And so she did what any Gay Kid should do, find the nearest girl who made her nervous and go about doing whatever it takes to win a kiss.  But Mallory Owens lives in America, where extremists are celebrated for doing the unthinkable, like celebrating rape as a “Gift From God.”

Mallory Owens didn’t want to be a hero. Mallory Owens didn’t want to end-up making an appearance on “The Ellen Show,” as an advocate for tolerance. Most of all,  Mallory Owens didn’t want to be aware of her sexuality. She wanted to be young, beautiful and chasing after kisses, like Travis Hawkins.

Look at Travis. This might as well be his profile picture on a website dedicated to Gay Hook-Ups: washboard abs, tattoos, ripped pecs, eyes shining with the fearlessness of not knowing any better.

Travis Hawkins is a lot like Mallory Owens. That is to say, Travis Hawkins was a lot like Mallory Owens, until he took everything away from her while Travis Hawkins Sr stood-by, letting it happen.

Who are these men? Why are they so hard on girls? Why won’t they come looking for me? Come on, Travis, come pick on me. I dare you. And I promise you this…

I will kill you. Then I will kill myself. Then I will track you down in Hell. And date you. The only thing sexier than an eternity of equality is an eternity with something hard and pulsing in your asshole!

By the way, as long as we’re in Hell, bring Travis Sr. I want your Daddy to bake me gluten-free cookies while your Mommy is in an adjoining cell, fisting Ruth Madoff. Turns out, The Devil isn’t in Hell. The Devil is right here, among us. The Devil is the adult who knows what’s going on and chooses to stand by, letting it happen.

Arrest Travis Hawkins, Junior and Senior.

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4 Responses to Arrest Travis Hawkins, Junior And Senior

  1. return man 2 says:

    How to contact you?

  2. Rich says:

    With all of the new domestic violence laws, it is making it hard to discipline your woman. If there is a knot on her head, you’re going to jail. But if the man is beat up, too, you’re both going to jail. Now, when my woman is getting me upset, I say, “Don’t make me kick both our asses.”

  3. jinkuibao400 says:

    My friend told me about your blog, so I thought I’d come have a read. Very interesting reading, will be back for more!

  4. rat says:

    have you published the criminal record of Miss Owens? maybe you will find a reason why he didnt want this bull dike around his sister stuff like possession and distribution, domestic abuse -you know the kinda things that tend to piss family members off.

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