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Ah yes, “The Great Presidential Debate.” The moment political junkies wait for like sports junkies waiting for The Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, like The Super Bowl, most times it’s a flop: a lot of hype, not a lot of energy and very few notable moments; no runs, no hits, no errors and nobody left on base. 

Romney was aggressive. But he didn’t land any punches. Obama played defense. But he didn’t score any points. These sports metaphors sum-up “The Great Presidential Debate of 2012.”

In a word, boring.

So why are Republicans claiming victory? And why are Democrats accepting defeat? Because Romney exceeded expectations and Obama didn’t live-up. There’s the easy answer. But not the real answer.

Romney and The Republican Party did much more than give a surprisingly good performance, they faked a field goal and ran for a touchdown. They knew they needed a “Game Changer.”

To score points, they were willing to take chances without precedent. To get where they needed to go, they had no problem backing their way out of the argument. To win, they were only too eager to disregard the rules. In other words, act like Scalia.

Obama and The Democratic Party were caught in the wrong defense. The referee fell asleep with a whistle in his mouth.

I’m sorry to say, all the complaining after the game does nothing to change the score. Game over! Time to ramp-up for the next event.

What’s the real problem facing President Obama? Romney is willing to say anything to get elected. And Obama is not.

Every time I hear a pundit report about Romney “changing his positions,” I laugh. Romney has no positions. Guess what? That’s exactly the way Undecided Voters like their candidates.

Undecided Voters are really Voters with no passion. Tell them what they want to hear, eliminate all the confusing details, and you’ll get their vote. Tell lies, and you’ll get even more votes.

Have you ever seen an Undecided Voter interviewed? They don’t care about guns; they don’t care about abortion; they don’t care about Gay Equality; they don’t care about Scalia, even though he’s clearly lost his mind.

Undecided Voters are retired. They’re unaffected by the economy. They golf. They golf a lot. Their greatest concern is their next meal and how little they can get away with tipping the waitress.

Republicans have always used this fact to close the gap in the final 27-days of an election, when Democrats don’t have time to debunk their bunk.

Republicans are passionate about their issues. Republican Candidates will pander to them during the nomination process. But as soon as the general election begins, the pandering stops. It’s no longer necessary to win. Republicans are all about “The Win.”

Republicans only listen to Fox (if they listen at all). Game On!

Tax Cuts for the Rich; you betcha. Taxes Cuts for All; you betcha. Romneycare a good thing; you betcha. Obamacare a bad thing; you betcha. 12-million jobs without a credible job’s plan, or any job’s plan; you betcha.

Hello, McFly! Hello, McDems! Anybody home?!!

Stop with the “presidential” bullshit. It’s time to get down and dirty. You guys only have 1-chance to win the debate game, and that’s in the debate arena.

Carter couldn’t do it. Gore couldn’t do it. Kerry couldn’t do it. William Jefferson Clinton did it. And Barack Hussein Obama can do it, too.

Not only will it help win this election, but it will take the edge off political junkies. To be Brutal, to be Frank, I need a fix. I need a hit, Mister President. I’m craving something even more intoxicating than “The Win.”

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23 Responses to Political Junkies

  1. Bob Verhasselt says:

    Obama is an amateur lightweight and in way over his head.
    Even the child molester Clinton knew how to deal with an antagonistic Congress. Barry O can’t even accomplish that.
    Time is running out on his immature administration.
    I “hope” the adults can clean up his mess quickly.

    • Gregor says:

      The Adults who turned a surplus into a deficit? The Adults who ignored warnings and were coming back from a 30-day “working vacation” on September 10th, 2001? The Adults who couldn’t find Osama bin Laden? The Adults who lied about WMD’s? The Adults who created TARP? The Adults who tried to institutionalize 2nd Class Citizenship by amending the constitution to define “Marriage” as between 2-people who don’t fuck anymore?

      Ah yes, Those Adults. Bring back Those Adults. They were macho, cruel and white. Everything the Insecure and Un-Accomplished revere in America.

      • Bob Verhasselt says:

        Greg, I guess a young pizza spinner like yourself prefers Obama’s Chicago adults like Connie Howard, Rod Blogovevich, Tony Rezko, Courtney Dupree, Willy Shepard, Jon Corzine, Bill Ayers and his dis-barred fat ass wife Michelle running things?

        • Gregor says:

          I didn’t vote for Rod Blagojevich. I thought he was a crook. So I looked into voting for the Republican, Judy Baar Topinka. But Judy was crazy in the eyes crazy. I ended-up voting for Rich Whitney, the Green Party Candidate. It taught me something: you don’t vote like you’re at the horse track, picking a winner; you vote your conscience. In other words, Mister Verhasselt, something you can’t relate to, since you misplaced yours.

          Incidentally, and for the record, I’ll happily buy you a roundtrip ticket from anywhere in the world to come and call me a “Pizza Spinner” to my face. Just give me the dates, pal.

          • BF says:

            Code words, Greg! Code words from a bigot. Guys like Verhasselt can’t stand anything they don’t understand, and they don’t understand alot!! But they love to throw around racist words: Pizza Spinner, Michelle’s Fat Ass, pretty soon we’ll get a Matzoh Ball reference in there!!

          • Bob Verhasselt says:

            Tough talk from a guy that ran away from St Marks Place with his tail between his legs.

            And by the way, the only libtard “pal” I have is your father.

            One thing he isn’t is a crybaby.

      • Andy says:

        You contantly make slurs against whites but by god one slight against jews and the world ends (remember Jerimiah Wright it was okay when was hating whitey but the minute he mentioned jews suddenlyit wasn’t okay). BTW what is a Pizza Slinger?

        • Gregor says:

          Who makes slurs against Whites? You’re way to sensitive, 8Andy. I could care less: Whites, Blacks, Jews, Jeremiah Wright. None of it interests me, not in the least.

          By the way, Bill Ayers isn’t married to anyone named Michelle. He’s married to Bernadine Dohrn. To me, they were unimaginative students and now they’re overpaid academics. Fuck ‘Em!

          I don’t line-up on the side of race, religion or party. I give myself room to make mistakes, plenty of mistakes, and try to navigate my way through the shit-storm, knowing for the most part, I’m on my own.

          I have no idea what a “Pizza Slinger” is. But I’d get a great big kick out of seeing a pussy like Bob say it to my motherfucking face.

          • Bob Verhasselt says:

            Pizza spinner, not slinger tough guy.

            A pizza spinner is a guy like you who makes pizza for a living.

            Thanks for the update on your face!

  2. BF says:

    Mitt is running on a record. The Republican record from 2008. It’s a choice of which record you perfer. I prefer Obama’s record.

  3. Gregor says:

    Why am I not the least bit surprised a guy who uses racist language and empty threats would go out of his way to call my Father his “pal.”

    And still, no mention of travel dates. So I’ll tell you what, Mister Pizza Slinging Pizza Spinning Pussy Ass Pussy, if you won’t come to me, I’ll come to you.

    I’ll make sure to visit 1 of my Dad’s races. He’s not a cry baby. But I get the feeling you’ll cry faster than John Boehner at an S&M Club with a dominatrix shoving a gavel up his ass, “Oh, I’ve been a bad boy. I hate women. I hate blacks. I think the poor deserve to be poor. I’m an obstructionist bastard. Fuck me, Mistress Verhasselt.”

    I will admit this, even a Pizza Slinging Pizza Spinning Pussy Ass Pussy can be right. And about this, you’re right: I left Saint Marks Place with my tail between my legs. I lived there for 11-years, struggling to make rent. It was the happiest struggle of my life. But I was proud to make rent and call 17 Saint Marks Place my home. After 9/11, I couldn’t make rent anymore. I wasn’t smart enough, talented enough or successful enough. So I swallowed a humility pill and moved back to Chicago, where I went back to struggling. This time, along side of my brother, for 7-years, at a restaurant named for my brother’s immense talent in the kitchen: Joey’s Brickhouse.

    They called me “Joey’s Brother Greg.” It certainly wasn’t what I set-out to be called, when I first started living on Saint Marks Place, in a 1-bedroom apartment, with 4-roommates and a dog.

    But sometimes you have to let go. Sometimes the thing you want to be called isn’t the thing they end-up calling you. I guess the difference between a crazy, bitter person like you and a deeply humbled survivor, like me, is I don’t hide behind my penis and skin color. I man-up. I face my failures. I use my shortcomings as lessons.

    Oh, as for my Father, I’m happy to say, he isn’t my “pal.” He’s my Father, which makes me the luckiest failure who ever tried, and failed, but kept right on trying, and failing, on Saint Marks Place.

    • Bob Verhasselt says:

      Greg, Chicago doesn’t sound like such a friendly place… unless you’re a poor black gang-banger.

      See you in June at Mid Ohio or March in Sebring if you can scrape up the plane fare.

      Or doesn’t your EBT card work outside Cook County?

      • Gregor says:

        Scraping by isn’t my lot in life, for now. Who knows what the future holds? I don’t need Food Stamps, but if I did, it’s nice to know I’d have a way to take care of myself, while I worked tirelessly to turn my life around.

        And yes, Pussy Ass Pussy, count on it, Mid Ohio or Sebring, you’ll be seeing me.

        I’ll bet you’re not nearly as brave in person as you are online, “pal.”

        • Bob Verhasselt says:

          Well that’s another bet you lost.

          Good luck with turning your life around.


          • Gregor says:

            Luck? It ain’t gonna turn my life around. And it certainly ain’t gonna help you. Start doing push-ups, BV.

            As for lube, don’t worry about it. Spit and blood work perfectly fine. Oh, and just to give you a heads-up, I’m passing through New Jersey and taking James bar-hopping in Harlem. That’ll teach you, “pal.”

  4. Bob Verhasselt says:

    I’m way too old for you to teach!

    James lives in Massachusetts. That’s where he and his prosecutor white chick co-habitate. Good luck getting past her.

    You’ll need it, “pal”?

    Sorry to hear about your restaurant. The whorehouse story was a pisser.

    Hope to see you when you visit Jersey.

  5. BF says:

    You guys make the debate way too personal. Bobby V says what ALL Republicans are thinking. He just says it out loud. I have never met a Real Republican who would welcome an inlaw of color into their life.

    • Bob Verhasselt says:

      How right you are Frank…even your favorite republican, honest Abe kept the Africans under his thumb in the North while attempting to send his “emancipated” slaves in the south, back to the dark continent.
      Oh for the good old days!

  6. Andy says:

    And you’re a champion of diversity Frank? Highland Park?

    Below is a Wikipedia report on Highland Park. Scroll down to the demographics 90% white and the 0.18% Black!!!!!! The rest are preferred minorities and this is 2012 when you lived there it was less “diverse”.


  7. BF says:

    Its about breeding, Andy. I was born and bread in the Bronx. I learned it from where I grew-up and passed it on to my kids. Obviously, neither of those scenearios are in your past!

  8. Gregor says:

    The lack of diversity in Highland Park is a disadvantage.

    I spent 15-years living in New York City. The first 5-years, I spent letting-go of my uncomfortableness. I’d never had a black friend. I’d never had a gay friend. At least, not an openly gay friend.

    Truth be told, there were openly black kids at my high school, like 3. I only remember John Malvoe. But you had to be a high school celebrity to count John Malvoe as a friend.

    As an adult, I see Highland Park with different eyes, the eyes of a grown-up. At first blush, it looks like an accomplishment to be able to live on The North Shore, and educate your kids in schools dedicated to college prep.

    I could see how a guy from The Bronx might think too much of a place like Highland Park, and sneer at all the adversities he had to face, daily, growing-up in The Bronx.

    Turns out, it’s the opposite. The adversities made Dad far more resilient than the boys he raised with the surface advantages of 60035.

    I work here now, in Highland Park. I love it, which is something I never thought I’d say. It’s good to be wrong!

    I miss New York City. I miss Saint Marks Place. By the time I left, it was time to let-go. I got everything I needed from putting myself through the ringer. Yes, I left Saint Marks Place with my tail between my legs. But I’m not ashamed. There’s no shame in getting your ass handed to you.

    The shame is in not taking the meaningful lesson from your failures. And giving-up. Instead of getting-up to give it another shot.

  9. Bob Verhasselt says:

    The only thing you miss about New York and St Marks place are your gay “pals” and your previously acknowledged intimacy with a certain dominatrix.

  10. Jaylynn says:

    It’s a joy to find somoene who can think like that

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