Dick Cheney: Father Of The Brides

This week, Dick Cheney got to do the thing every father dreams of doing. This week, Dick Cheney got to walk his daughter down the aisle. Mary Cheney got married. She was made an honest woman by Heather Poe.

Given the chance, I would have liked the opportunity to stand-up at their wedding. Given the chance, I would have liked the opportunity to express why these two women should NOT be married, just to be a Dick.

When Dick Cheney was in a position to do something meaningful for millions of gay men and women, who were living in second class, who were bullied into believing their sexuality was a choice, who endured a debate in the country of their birth about amending the constitution to take away their rights, while this was going on, in real time, the second most powerful man in the world, whose daughter was gay, took a look at the need for the country he was leading to have a meaningful debate about equality, and made the character defining choice of remaining silent.

Instead, the second most powerful man in the world used his voice to encourage cutting taxes until America was bankrupt; instead, the second most powerful man in the world used his voice to lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction; instead, Dick Cheney, the second most powerful man in the world, lobbied for torture.

The bells are ringing. But it’s not wedding bells. It’s the ringing in your ears when the band leaves the stage after the third encore at midnight and you’ve been pressed-up against the fence in the front row of Lollapalooza since noon. It’s the ringing in your ears when you realize Whitney Houston was 48, MCA was 47, Amy Winehouse was 27 and you could bet the remaining nickel on your upside down mortgage Lindsay Lohan won’t make it to 30. It’s the ringing in your ears at Safeway when the lone gunman opens fire on the lovely congresswoman who, only seconds before the gunfire rang out, was talking to a 9-year old girl, who won’t make it to 10.

It’s the ringing in your ears letting you know you’re in Backwards Land. Welcome!

Where equality is up for grabs. Where torture is a technique. Where celebrity death is the 3rd Act Climax of Reality TV. And Dick Cheney, who was once the second most powerful man in the world, piped-up when he voted against freeing Nelson Mandela but kept his mouth shut when his daughter needed him the most.

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12 Responses to Dick Cheney: Father Of The Brides

  1. Vince says:

    Who cares anymore? He’s irrelevant. And she’s a homo. You pay attention. That’s it. What drivel.

    “What’s really important,” you ask. Of course, as we all know, the price of toilet paper. That is the reality.

    Why is Andy scamming so many of the hard working stiffs with over priced ass wipe? Dude, you’re rich, give us the fucking shit paper at cost, plus a little, not a fucking lot.

    Toilet Trump, Let Your Papers Be FREE.

  2. A. Freedman says:

    Homosexuality is an abomination. Our great vice-president knows and understands this. I was once at a retreat in Colorado where Mr. Cheney gave a moving and inspiring speach about this great country of ours. If you think that allowing Meicans to vote on where this country goes, or you give blacks what they want they will settle down, or if you let the youth get corrupted by homosexuality that’s the New American Way, then you better get the fuck out of my America.

    We’re teetering on disaster. Obama has only pushed the wacko elements even further along. If we don’t get back to what’s right, we’re doomed.

    Dick Cheney going to his daughter’s wedding showed me he’s tired and has givin up. He thinks the fornicators, the perverts and blacks have won. I say he’s wrong! The fight rages on and in this next election, we will take our country back.

    God Bless America.

    • Gregor says:

      The real abomination is having an opinion on what gets someone else off. I look at 99.999% of the women my friends married, and know this for sure: even if they never got married in the first place, I wouldn’t bother to make a play. Chemistry is one to one. Or two to one. Or three to one with a dildo. But it’s no ones business. Listen, God gets off on fucking whores and watching his son get nailed to a cross. Who am I to judge?

  3. Vince says:

    I hope the super duper court over turns Obama Care. It’s a hoax anyway. Let the truth be told; it’s a give away to huge insurance companies, done, at a time, when Obama wanted to win over the Republicans by saing he can be one of them.

    End the tragedy before it starts. Like with Mary Cheney, get married, have a ceremony and get divorced before they get into the limo and have an amazing trip afterwards. And, fuck it, keep all the gifts.

    Medicare for all. No more bull shit. The truth is, the country wants it. The only people who are against it are the giant corporations (they are people too!). Oh, and of course all of the bribed and bought politicians (but they are not people, they are scum!).

    I am a Lawyer, so I know everything, just ask me. So I said, so let it be done.

  4. Andy says:

    A Freedman is a plant. I sell 96 rolls of toilet paper for 35.90, Boardwalk 6180 brand. Every other post you remind us all how wealthy you are Vince. Why all the bragging?

  5. Vince says:

    Andrew, I am not wealthy. I never brag, ever. I have never posted anything that onyone could ever infer any financial positioning for me or my family. You ASSume things because I’m an attorney; or am I? From that point alone, you vilify me and think you understand my position in life.

    If I were rich, I’d support the Republican mis-beliefs. If, one day, I win the lotto, I will proudly become one of your idols.

  6. Babs says:

    No you won’t. Your too kind hearted and you feel for other people. That is NOT the definition of Republicans!

  7. Andy says:

    You’ve won several jackpots from juries. You don’t need the Lotto. I don’t idolize people with money. Hedge funds should be taxed 80 percent but if you’re Walt Disney (my idol) and you bring so much to the American economy and culture you shouldn’t have 90 percent of your money stolen and given to degenerate deadbeat communist filth. Doctors surgeons nurses who go through inhuman amounts of training and schooling only to be sued every other day by some jack off in with a law degree fumes me to the worst extreme. Not to say all personal injury is B.S. there are cases of folks being badly harmed by honest mistakes and deserve FAIR compensation. The last Democrat I was going to vote for Howard Dean (him and his wife Docs) called for tort reform. He’d seen the shitheads suing from all directions. Even my LawYER say there needs to be some reform and he beat W-mart. Check out the clip


  8. Vince says:

    The facts of lawsuits are far different from the neo-conservative’s propaganda war. Please see “Hot Coffee” and learn up a little. The whole “TORT REFORM” thing sounds good. But in reality, it is the right wing pandering to huge corporations, taking individuals rights away and protecting corporations from legal responsibility when they are wrong and they destroy the lives of little people.

  9. Sharon Kass says:

    Cheney doesn’t want to take responsibility for the problem relationship between his wife and the young Mary that led to the latter’s homosexuality problem.

    The truth will out.

    http://www.narth.com, http://www.gaytostraight.org, http://www.peoplecanchange.com, http://www.pfox.org, http://www.janellehallman.com, http://www.peoplecanchange.com

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