This Week In America

This week in America, we have 2-dead teenagers.

Trayvon Martin was shot for being black in a country where white people are having trouble “evolving,” when it comes to how they feel about Skittles. Kenneth Weishuhn killed himself for being Gay in a country where our first black president is having trouble “evolving,” when it comes to how he feels about Gay Equality.

I have to ask: what happened to the grown-ups? Where have the grown-ups gone?

Our kids are being killed. And we’re all just shrugging it off. Our kids are killing themselves. And we’re treating it like just another day in America.

What’s the point of the media? What’s the point of journalism? What’s the point of TV? What’s the point of another presidential campaign? What’s the point of blogging?

Seriously, what the point? To talk about jobs…

Like anyone really has the answer for why the economy goes up and down and up and down and further down and even further down and then slowly, incredibly slowly, painstakingly slowly, up. No one has the answer. Not even Alan Greenspan, who pretended to have the answer and then single-handedly brought the world economy to the brink of ruin. Thanks, Alan, you’re a peach.

I still haven’t gotten my answer. What’s the point of the media being obsessed with ratings? So we can track how many bored, fat, lazy people, who happen to be watching TV, instead of coming on to their spouses, are jealous of The Secret Service for schtupping whores…

Not to get into it, but if you want to debate morality, let’s debate the need to have hired killers, at all times, surrounding the president. At best, sex gets you 10-good minutes and a dirty towel. At worst, guns kill people. Listen, these guys are trained killers. They kill people. And yet, 3-agents from The Secret Service, 3-killers from The Secret Service, have resigned, over sex. We’re appalled about sex. Not killing. Sex. Take that in.

Now let it go. Forget about it. Seeing as I’m not done asking what’s the point of Mitt Romney spending a billion dollars? So he can bash President Obama for golfing too much…

Excuse me, but exactly how many vacation days did the previous president take? You know, the guy who actually put us in the toilet? You know, the last republican we called Mister President. You know, the cowboy-in-chief. How many vacation days did Dubya take? Hang on, let me “google it.” I’ll be right back. Okay, I’m back. Here you go. Here’s the answer: 967-days. So why don’t you shut up, Mitt?!!

I still don’t know what the point is to any of this nonsense. Most specifically, the nonsense about “The Mommy Wars.”

Sorry, but it was legitimate. Hilary Rosen’s contention was perfectly legitimate. Ann Romney has no clue what it’s like to struggle: as a mom, as woman, as a grown-up. Ann Romney checked-out of all grown-up issues by marrying a rich man and pledging allegiance to a cult known for treating women like possessions.

Sorry, but it’s true and we all know it’s true. By the way, none of us hold it against Ann Romney. You know why? We don’t care. We all know gold diggers. We all have them in our families. In fact, the only profession older than prostitution is gold digging.

Can we get back to reality? Please? Let’s put down our golf clubs. Let’s stop pointing our guns. Let’s refrain from swiping our credit cards. It’s long past time for us to start caring about these kids. They need us. They need us to be present, God Damn It, instead of constantly distracted.

Trayvon Martin is dead. He was shot and killed for being black. Kenneth Weishuhn is dead. He killed himself for being Gay. President Obama isn’t talking about it. Mitt Romney isn’t talking about it. Why?

Is there something better to talk about? Am I missing something incredibly interesting on the TV? I don’t think so. But unfortunately, I’m pretty sure this won’t be tomorrow’s lead story.

Sorry, Trayvon. Sorry, Kenneth. You deserved more. You deserved a lot more from those of us who are supposed to know better.

Welcome to Backwards Land. Where Skittles, a rainbow of flavors, can be life-threatening if you’re black. And a closeted sexual-identity masquerading as a rainbow of hair colors isn’t perceived as beautiful, instead it’s treated like a white flag, granting permission for grown-ups to retreat as Gay Kids are literally bullied to death.

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7 Responses to This Week In America

  1. jojo says:

    Hilary sounded stupid and when you rip religion all the time it gets boring. You read like a patsy for MSNBC :love:

  2. Gregor says:


  3. Vince says:

    Hilary was spot on. They got called out for pretending to understand women, real, hard working, striggling women. A woman with 12 nannies, five homes and a yearly passive income of $49,000 per minute can’t relate.

  4. ROY says:

    Hilary should have calibrated her words differently.

    • Monica says:

      Chastising and shaming pelope, especially singling out a single group, ‘white pelope’, for not knowing about every injustice that happens in the world, or correctly prioritizing and categorizing those injustices in order of magnitude of appropriate outrage is ridiculous. No, I did not know about the Trayvon Martin murder in a gated Florida communtity until it exploded into the public consciousness in the last few days. I’m sure most of you wouldn’t know about a horrible rape that happened to a NA woman here in South Dakota. Does that make you morally bankrupt pelope for not knowing or caring enough about that woman? No. That makes you human. Feeling strongly about one injustice or even taking some sort of action on behalf of that injustice doesn’t mean you have used up your compassion quotient. If you give money to the ASPCA it doesn’t mean you are taking money away from domestic abuse shelters. Caring about pelope in the Sudan doesn’t mean you don’t care about victims of hurricane Katrina. People are moved by other pelope’s stories of woe, but sustained indignation is fickle. We often want to help, but rarely can in a meaningful way. How do you take another person’s pain away with a cash donation or a letter writing campaign? Think of all the injustices that are not highlighted on the local NBC affiliate or picked up by some well-traficked website. the world is full of bitter injustice. The best we can do is care about the injustices that cross our paths and take action when our conscious demands it. Do-gooders often cause more pain and problems than they fix, but to rebuke others for their honest compassion is always wrong. Our emotional responses are biased by our personal experiences. For us in America, racial injustice will always be a struggle for us to overcome. Ask an Afghani who is worse: a local suicide bomber who blows up a market killing 50 pelope or one American soldier who kills 16 sleeping civilians? They both are equally guilty of taking innocent lives, but the American soldier represents something more unjust to them. Is the killing of a black youth by a white? neighborhood watch vigilante so much more senseless than the killing of a black youth by another black youth? We can’t take back the injustice; we can only control how we as a society responds to it.

  5. Paris says:

    we are very close to total collapse if we do not get our debt under cotronl. Once we reach 100 debt to GDP which we are very close things usually don’t go well.Just look at greece. I would have more sympathy for obama if he would have ended both wars right when he got in. Nobody even knows why we are still in afghanistan. Somebodies making money off of it. Even Ron Paul who is philosophically against welfare always says that if we end our foreign involvment we would more to take care of our own people. Also, nobody ever stops to think why do two people have to work when 30 years ago the majority of families this was not the case. So Hillary Rosen if she had courage would call Obama out for the increase in miltary spending. The whole anti-war left has been completely silent since Obama took over. So when Americans were dying when Bush was in office that’s bad,But when Americans are dying and we are killing innocent brown people with our drones made by haliburton then it is ok. Obama is a corporist masquarding as a socialist.You know what is a good solution. Everybody should stop having kids. Then the really rich will have nobody to do shit for them. Then Ann Romney will know what is like to do her own laundry. Until that happens she just made good decisions in her life that’s all.

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