Care Is Unaffordable

Are we supposed to pay attention to The Affordable Care Act or The Supreme Court? Is it about the rule of law or the brats slamming down the gavel? Is it about us? Or what they can get away with doing to us?

I’m afraid I know the answer. Which is ridiculous. If I was able to know the answer before it happened, I’d move to Las Vegas, park myself at the poker table and call the cards before the flop.

Bush v. Gore was a decision based on arrogance; it taught me red states are the color of hate. Citizens United was a decision based on hubris; it taught me to turn-off the TV the week before an election so my soul isn’t destroyed by the ads. But if The Supreme Court overturns The Affordable Care Act, it’s over. Beyond arrogance, beyond hubris, lies tyranny.

What makes this particularly crazy is things look the same. When Bush was appointed to The Presidency in 2000, it wasn’t like tanks rolled into town. When cash flowed endlessly into The Primary Season of 2012, it wasn’t like soldiers marched into town. When The Affordable Care Act is overturned, on the surface, nothing will change.

But the underlying truth will shift. The presidency will no longer matter. The Supreme Court will become The Supreme Rulers. Elections won’t matter. They’ll essentially become parades.

Hitler said, “When the people are starving, give them parades.” I’m not comparing anyone to Hitler: not Obama, not Romney, not Scalia (even though the resemblance is uncanny). It’s too easy. I just so happen to like the quote. He was right. Yes, of course, he was wrong about a lot of things. But when it comes to parades, Hitler was right.

Let’s admit we’re a joke. Manifest Destiny was neither Manifest nor Destiny. Lady Liberty could care less about anyone but herself. Without accountability, The American Dream is a Fantasy. Not one banker has been charged. Not one AIG bonus has been returned. Not one member of the Bush Administration has been subpoenaed for torture. And now we’re punishing Obama for putting “Care” on the end of his name.

Shame on you, Mister President.

It was never ObamaCare. It was always The Affordable Care Act. How did we let them rename it? How did we let them turn ObamaCare into a bad thing? Same with the word Liberal, how did we let Liberal become a bad word? Worst of all, to woo voters, how’s it possible Mitt Romney can shamelessly tout his conservative bonafides?

Welcome to Backwards Land. Population 7.002 Billion. Where Al Gore is a bad guy, Keith Olbemann a victim and “Care” something Obama needs to be scolded for.

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One Response to Care Is Unaffordable

  1. Aftab says:

    Romney embraces Al Gore and dacnes holding hands around the Gaia idol. it worked to make Romney the media favorite. Wait till Romney explains that he only slightly embraces global warming. Prepare for the Romney dinner special consisting of chilled Obamacare accompanied by rewarmed Global Warming Lite. With Romney, our electric bills will only double, while only half as many illegals will be covered by a renamed Romneycare. We can enjoy the coming corn shortage and food price escalation, knowing that Romney wants to keep making ethanol. Could this break up the embrace of Romney and Gore?. After all, Gore admitted ethanol was only a 2000 campaign ploy for the early primary StatesRomney’s made his bed and he can now lie in it.

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